Overwatch 2’s newest hero, Ramattra, is an Omnic Anti-Hero and a key part of the game’s next chapter

As part of the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Activision Blizzard revealed the next hero coming to Overwatch 2. Ramattra is an omnic radicalized by the Omnic Crisis – the war that directly led to the creation of Overwatch – and humanity’s mistreatment of his people. However, instead of joining the Agents of Overwatch in their efforts to bring peace to both sides, Ramattra is more interested in enacting his own brand of justice, putting him at odds with the organization.

“Ramattra’s story is complex and multi-faceted, and his ultimate goal is to protect his people — but the cost of that goal has yet to be determined,” Blizzard wrote in the official press release. “Ramatra’s story is one of hardship, trauma and a magnified view of the harsh realities of humanity. Harmony was replaced by discord and Ramatra began to approach his beliefs from a more realistic angle – justifying any means to defend his fellows. Null Sector leader Ramattra boasts incredible support from his people and is ready to impose his philosophies on our world.”