Overwatch 2 players discuss how to make Wrecking Ball viable again

Wrecking Ball doesn’t do much damage in Overwatch 2.

Spare a thought for the Wrecking Ball network out there. Now that Overwatch 2 has reduced team sizes from six to five, it’s much harder for them to get away with the hamster pick. I mean, if you only have one Tank, you don’t really want them to be on the other side of the map, desperately trying to take the Play of the Game with a triple boop off the edge. Alas, Ball just doesn’t fit into Overwatch like it (sort of) used to.

To that end, Overwatch 2 players discuss what changes it needs to better suit the 5v5 playstyle. Suggestions range from improving its survivability to reworking it together. Some fans are even suggesting new moves for the hamster, including one that would let him bite and “taint” his opponents for constant damage.


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“As a Wrecking Ball master, weapon damage is the biggest thing a buff needs,” says Reddit user Mattoton. “It’s like shooting pellets at enemies.”

CheckTec00 agrees, suggesting other minor upgrades. “I’d just like to see the quality of life change. Like a visible timer during relaxation, it just ends its fireball and not its struggle after 6 seconds. [and] not canceling reload when switching form.”

However, some players have their sights set much higher, with Poggerman200000 chimed in with the best suggestion yet: “Give him a baby D.Va mode where he runs around with 100 HP.”

Many of the answers love this idea, unable to get over the image of a tiny hamster running around the map until he can call his mechanic back. But one fan wants to take it even further.

“I’d say give him 50 HP in baby Hammond mode, but really fast movement speed, wall climbing and no backup weapon with 5 seconds to recall his engine,” says Ainoloukos “Easy to kill but hard to shoot a little hamster . moves quickly around the map”

With that in mind, other fans are even coming up with unique moves she could use while in this new baby form. “Make him have an attack that bites for 2 damage but deals 100dps attack for 3s and call it rabies,” Darknessidiot1227 says. “Imagine how scary a tiny fucking rat is [would be] with insane movement speed and a wall climb that simply crawls and infuriates the enemy.”

Well, take notes Blizzard – people want to run like a sick rodent. Keep that in mind during the inevitable rework of it, yes?

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