Overwatch 2 fan creates a hilarious new ultimate concept for Kiriko

An Overwatch 2 player comes up with an interesting new idea for a mobile-based Ultimate for support class hero Kiriko.

One Overwatch 2 The player came up with a new Ultimate for Kiriko that includes a motorcycle. The FPS provides a number of abilities for each character, which depend on their roles. The abilities to Overwatch 2 they are meant to help distinguish each character, which will help in choosing who to play.

All characters have an Ultimate ability that can help them do great things. This includes D.Va being able to blow up her mech and Mercy being able to fly while her abilities improve. A player came up with a unique Ultimate idea for Kiriko Overwatch 2and allows her to become very mobile.


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A Reddit user known as Rarithlynx posted a video of an ultimate concept for the Support class Hero on Overwatch 2. In the video, Kiriko is seen running against three enemies standing in front of her. She stops and a motorcycle appears below her. She then uses it to strike her opponents, taking them all out in one hit. It’s a cool Ultimate for Kiriko and brings thoughts of the animated film Akira.

Reddit seems to love Rarithlynx’s concept for Kiriko’s Ultimate, pushing the post to over 4,000 upvotes. Some commenters mention the fact that the video should have ended on the slide shown Akira, though they have enjoyed the idea Rarithlynx came up with regardless. Some Redditors brought up the idea of ​​a racing mode Overwatch 2 which will allow players to race each other while on Kiriko’s bike, while one joked about a Grand Theft Auto title starring the character. The idea came up that Ultimate should provide some kind of buff for her team, which would make sense considering she’s a support class hero.

Rarithlynx’s idea of ​​a new Ultimate that Kiriko can use brings up the idea of ​​having more than one Ultimate for characters. Right now only one Hero technically has two Ultimates, as D.Va can use hers the first time to blow up her mech and then use it again to summon a new one. Choosing from multiple Ultimate abilities for each character could change the way players choose their Hero, as well as how they play them while in-game. However, it’s an idea that should be well balanced, otherwise certain abilities would be completely ignored if not deemed useful by Overwatch 2 player base.

Overwatch 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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