Overwatch 2 Bug Traps Player in Enemy Spawn Room

An Overwatch 2 player is experiencing a bug in the Dorado payload map as he gets trapped in the enemy’s spawn room while attacking them.

One Overwatch 2 The player is trapped in the enemy spawn room as a result of a bug encountered while swinging his hammer wildly as Reinhardt. Although many of the Overwatch 2 The maps are ported and improved from the original title, some of them may have bugs that need to be fixed, like this issue in Dorado.

Reddit user SergiGamer056 captured one Overwatch 2 video of their attempts to push the enemy back on the Dorado map, resulting in an inadvertent walk into the opposing team’s spawn room. Because Dorado is one of many Overwatch 2 Payload escort maps, defending players regularly push the other team so far that they can’t leave their playroom, but entering the enemy team’s room is a rare occurrence. Although Overwatch 2 Playrooms are usually off limits to enemy players, SergiGamer056 used the help of a bug to continue his damage attack beyond where it should have ended.


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SergiGamer056’s Overwatch 2 The clip begins with Reinhardt’s player lowering his shield to send a fire strike at an enemy Orissa to no avail before targeting their ally Zarya. Back on the opposing team’s Orissa, SergiGamer056 continues to swing Reinhardt’s hammer as they surprisingly enter the enemy spawn and are free to attack other Reinhardts, D.Va, Moira, and Brigitte cornered by the tank. Still being healed by an allied Moira, SergiGamer056 is able to charge up the rest of his Ultimate attacking these unsuspecting Overwatch 2 heroes to unleash one last powerful attack before falling to the fast-spawning enemies.

Although the Dorado map is from the original Overwatch and has since been ported, some bugs from the first version of the map may persist based on SergiGamer056’s clip. The moment Reinhardt entered the enemy spawn room appears to be related to the charge from the enemy Reinhardt as “pinned” flashed on the screen while SergiGamer056 walked through the normally unreachable area. Because Activision Blizzard just keeps getting better Overwatch 2 With regular updates, this bug in Dorado and others can be fixed in the near future.

As many fans expressed their delight at SergiGamer056’s expense, one player pointed out that the group trapped in the spawn room with Reinhardt may have simply escaped and left the Overwatch 2 the tank got stuck as they pushed the payload. Although some Overwatch 2 Players expressed their confusion in SergiGamer05’s video, others pointed to their own examples of ending up in enemy spawn rooms or having others end up in theirs in a problem that can be persistent.

Overwatch 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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