Nigerian migrant injures French border police after asylum rejection

Two French border guards were injured by a Nigerian migrant at a train station after he refused to give officials his papers during an identity check.

The incident occurred at a train station in the commune of Port-la-Nouvel on Wednesday after border police carried out an identity check on the 24-year-old Nigerian, who refused to give his identity documents to officers.

A local police union said the Nigerian was a bogus asylum seeker whose claim had been rejected, but appealed the decision. When the police asked the Nigerian to follow them, he violently resisted, L’Independant References.

According to the newspaper, the Nigerian man did not directly hit or attack the officers, but resisted in such a violent manner that the two officers were injured, with one reporting damage to his knee and the other reporting a back injury.

A doctor who examined the two officers gave them both 15 days off to try to recover.

Rejected asylum applications have driven many migrants to violence in recent years, with some even resorting to deadly violence, as happened last year in the French city of Pau, when a 38-year-old Sudanese man stabbed an immigration official to death. his request for asylum was rejected.

The mayor of Pau, François Bayrou, commented on the incident at the time, saying: “Very correctly his application for asylum or his asylum seeker had been rejected, he turned against the head of the department… There are so many questions about this man’s journey.”

In Greece, another rejected migrant, an Iraqi, threatened to set his wife and child on fire when Greek authorities refused him asylum a second time.

The man, who lived with his family in a migrant reception structure, doused his space in oil with his family inside but was stopped by police before he could light it.

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