NFLPA president calls for immediate field changes amid injury concerns

NFL players union president JC Tretter called on the NFL to immediately ban the use of tear film turf around the league — among other changes — in a letter made public Saturday.

In the memo Tretter sent to the league and posted on the NFLPA website, he said he recently spoke with several players who expressed concerns about turf fields. Tretter said games played on the surface have higher rates of in-game injuries compared to other playing surfaces, particularly when it comes to non-contact, foot and ankle injuries.

“The NFL and its experts have agreed with this data and recognize that the slot film field is less safe,” Tretter wrote. “Player leadership wrote a letter to the NFL this week calling for the immediate removal of these pitches and their ban in the future, both on field and practice fields. Not only has the NFL refused to enforce this change immediately, but it has also refused to commit to enforcing a change away from slit film in the future.”

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