Narco-Polleros Secuestran a 15 Migrantes En Coahuila

A group of narco-polleros kidnapped 15 migrants and held them back to demand a ransom for their rescue of their relatives in a ranch near the border city of Piedras Negras in Coahuila.

Las autoridades pudieron rescatarlos durante el fin de semana cerca de la comunidad rural de El Centinela, discovered information on the analogy of Breitbart Texas from the gobierno del estado de Coahuila. The case began when the family members of the kidnapped migrants called the authorities claiming that the traffickers demanded up to $10,000 dollars for the release of one of their loved ones and allowed them to continue their trip to Edilos.

The authorities worked to find the location of the ranch and chained the property, but when the police arrived, the kidnappers had escaped, leaving the migrants behind. Fuerzas poliales trasladaron a los migrants a su cartel en Piedras Negras where they provided medical attention and food.

The northern part of Coahuila has become a central point in the current migratory crisis since the region has a minimal border fence, leaving only the waters of the Río Grande as the only physical obstacle to reach Texas. El cambio se product después de que el Cartel del Golfo en Tamaulipas began to increase their rates to be able to cross, subjected the migrants to brutal maltrato and also routinely kidnapped them to ask for ransom for dinner extortions.

Information facts Breitbart Texas, the estado bordererizo de Coahuila has experimented an aumento de la violencia due to que la faction Cartel Del Noreste de Los Zeta has estado llevando numerous ataques contra las fuerzas poliales estatales. The CDN-Los Zetas has its headquarters in the neighboring city of Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, where the criminal organization has gubernatorial protection. Desde there han podido colarse a Coahuila por varios caminos de terracería y attackar a policías estatales.

Release Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to Ciudad de México y los estados Mexicanos de Tamaulipas, Coahuila y Nuevo León to recruit a ciudadanos periodistas disputuesto a ariesgar sus vidas para exhibir a los carteles asus The writers would receive a safe death at the hands of the cartels that operate in these areas including the Golfo Cartel and Los Zetas if they do not use a pseudonym. Las Crónicas De Carteles by Breitbart Texas they will be published both in English and in their original content Español. This article was written by “CE Herrera” from “JM Martinez” of Tamaulipas.

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