Musk says he’ll step down as CEO of Twitter, but it gets me

After being asked by Twitter users if he should stay on as CEO and not get the result he apparently expected, Elon Musk said he would stick with the result and step down. There is one caveat, however, since this will only happen if Musk finds a replacement he deems suitable. How long it will last remains an open question. In addition, Musk has signaled his support for the idea of ​​limiting future such polls to those who pay for blue ticks, which may ensure that future results match his preferences.

Having bought Twitter for far more than most believed it was worth, Musk set out to make a series of changes, from welcoming practitioners of hate speech and dealing with threats of violence to banning critical journalists.

While Musk has proudly pointed to increased Twitter usage since his acquisition, there’s plenty to suggest that might not make for a more viable site. Even some of those who admire Musk they dispute if he can provide the leadership needed at Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX simultaneously. And his fan base seems to be dwindling.

Musk responded by taking a poll, and the 17.5 million people who participated certainly helped with the engagement stats. Unfortunately for Musk, the result wasn’t exactly a vote of confidence in his reign.

After letting the result sit for a day, Musk has now tweeted:

Whether this will satisfy the 10 million people who voted yes in the poll is certainly doubtful. First, the wording gives Musk plenty of opportunity to extend his time in charge as long as he likes. For another, it’s always possible that the new CEO will prove even more alienating to those unhappy with Musk’s decisions. After photos of them watching the World Cup together, there has been speculation that Jared Kushner, son-in-law and former senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, may be Musk’s replacement.

Tesla shareholders or Mars colonization fans whose vote reflected a desire for Musk to return to focus on his previous companies may see him keeping the software and server teams running as an enhancement, but not a solution . It’s also unclear whether the new CEO will actually be in control or just deal with details while Musk continues to make the big decisions.

Although some they have guesses That’s the effect Musk wanted so he could resign while looking nice, that’s not really the vibe that Musk’s responses to other people’s comments give.

It’s not clear how that promise fits with Musk’s tendency to make big decisions only after polling.

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