Mortal Online 2 Development Roadmap Shared On Twitch Stream

Mortal Online 2 CEO Henrik Nystrom revealed details of the hardcore MMO’s development plans in a Twitch Stream. The roadmap provided information on the different features, which would be released by sprint, although no exact dates were given.

Mortal Online 2 Development Roadmap Shared On Twitch Stream

  • Kind: Open world Sandbox MMORPG
  • Developed by: Star Vault AB
  • Published by: Star Vault AB
  • Release date: January 25, 2022
  • Price: $39.99
  • Platforms: Windows (Steam)

The new roadmap includes a total of 5 sprints, each with areas of focus such as a brand new experience for emerging players, a new dungeon, and a Siege System to name a few. They have yet to confirm how long each sprint will last, but Nystrom briefly mentioned that the first one is approaching the testing phase.

Due to persistent feedback from the community, Star Vault AB has decided to focus on these themes that will be released in the coming months. They are already planning to start with Sprint 1 in the next patch, specifically the Combined Tool update.

The Combined Tool

This paves the way for the barrel system where Alchemists can now store potions in one large container instead of placing them in several at a time. It reduces the number of objects to manage, allowing them to focus on creating filters. Additionally, with the Combined Tool, you can create your own fire, as well as craft items to find better quality weapons and armor.

Mortal Online II Development Roadmap (and Nystrom's Hair)

Mortal Online II Development Roadmap (and Nystrom’s Hair)

Fortunately, this handy new tool was invented so that players no longer need to have dozens of redundant systems in the game, especially for item management and crafting.

Animals and pets

One of the biggest updates Mortal Online 2 players can expect includes the pet tracking system, Beast Mastery, and new Mounts. First of all, pets will be able to follow you no matter how fast you travel. This should get rid of any annoying patterns that may arise from companions not moving at the same speed as you. It will also ensure that your beloved pet is no longer left behind alone. Beast.

The second is the refined Beast Mastery where new abilities will be consistently introduced to the MMORPG in successive patches. For example, if you have mastered the art of taming and have a cobra, you can now issue special commands to deeply wound the enemy. Or you can make it move faster. Your choice.

Mortal Online Pets will keep up with their Masters

Mortal Online Pets will keep up with their Masters

To make the world of Nave a more living and breathing world, the developers decided to incorporate the real actions of animals. This also adds further depth to the player experience. Hopefully this means less rabid wolves and more realistic behaviors.

Unlike the first game where you would sit back and watch your animals attack enemy creatures, there will be player involvement. Your abilities will work with those of your beast in battle. And to be a good tamer you must also become a decent beast tamer.

Beast Mastery in Mortal Online 2

Beast Mastery in Mortal Online 2

Finally, you can expect new and powerful mounts in Sprint 3. The goal here is to craft armor specifically for these creatures and equip them with pouches for extra inventory space.

Open World Expansion

Mortal Online 2 will become much more populated than before with the introduction of additional points of interest. These could potentially mean anything from new encounters to completely unique milestones. The latter could certainly help players who prefer not to use maps for navigation and have POIs be the “anchor” points to which they calculate relative distance. Speaking of POIs, a whole new style and focus for dungeons will also be made in Sprint 2.

More points of interest will begin to scatter across the lands

More points of interest will begin to scatter across the lands

Additionally, it is an extension of mage-like classes, as they will reap the benefits of casting more spells. Therefore, there will be more hot bar options to accommodate these additions. So if you’ve been thinking about becoming a full wizard because of the spells you can use, then you won’t have to wait any longer (well, at least until Sprint #1 comes out).

Even further down the Mortal Online line

Much later in Sprints 4 and 5, there are some new updates that will help with both immersion and PVP content. We have simple things like improved navigation for pets in houses and additional Alchemy effects.

Won't anyone think about the weather?

Won’t anyone think about the weather?

A weather system will even be introduced. Hopefully this can shake things up more, and not just visually. Maybe different harsh weather conditions can have negative and positive effects on combat and exploration and shake things up even for experienced players.

Soil testing and more!

Soil testing and more!

In terms of fighting other players, the Territory Control Updates and Siege Systems will be addressed in Sprint 5. The territory control systems are currently on hiatus to focus on fixing bugs and server issues.

You will need Siege Weapons to attack this structure

You will need Siege Weapons to attack this structure

Siege weapons used to take control from others (forced) will be improved compared to their counterparts in Mortal Online I. Aiming, shooting and mobility of these coveted tools will be improved across the board. Their use will be more regular and accurate. Since these weapons are massive structures in their own right, they will require the cooperation of many people to make full use of them. A group of four will be ideal, but two fairly strong individuals will suffice in a pinch.

Epic Loot and where to find them

A re-release on the Epic Games Store is pretty much on the horizon as of now. The biggest part of this spring would be the transition from Unreal Engine 4 to the shiny new Unreal Engine 5. Changing entire game engines will be a monumental feat, but some developers have confirmed that moving from UE4 to UE5 should is much easier than moving from a different base altogether.

Mortal Online II Communities

Mortal Online II Communities

Along with this, backend things like improved server capacity will be implemented. This will be a much-needed feature, given that a re-release on Epic could mean a huge resurgence in player numbers.

Move, Spearman!  Wizards will be more viable!

Move, Spearman! Wizards will be more viable!

There will also be changes to the New Player Experience, which will help alleviate the feeling of being lost in a vast ocean. Hopefully they can implement some small milestones that can nudge newbies in the right direction rather than a pack of wild bears right out of the gate. A bulletin board, as well as an in-game Guild Recruitment feature, will also be thrown in for good measure.

Demolition of homes will soon be an added feature

Demolition of homes will soon be an added feature

Even further with the Epic version will be the addition of Night Vision as well as improvements to the Thievery game systems. The behavior of the citizen (or NPC) will also be added so that they are not in their place for all eternity.

Mortally Online

Mortal Online 2 is an extremely hardcore fantasy simulation. Our coverage of the game in December 2021 highlighted the intricacies of its crafting and skill systems. The title is definitely a step in the right direction in the open-world sandbox genre, although its complexity may be a deterrent for some players. Like other titles in the genre, it’s up to the player (or a Wiki) to figure out the best way to troubleshoot.

Currently, the game has a steady 1,100 – 1,500 average player count on Steam. It is also one of the games aiming to make use of Unreal Engine 5, as are the upcoming Witcher 4 and Witcher Remake. Want to know more about the game? Check out the sandbox MMORPG preview below.

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