Modern Warfare 2 turns into Titanfall with outrageous new motion

Top players are always finding ways to maximize their effectiveness in FPS games like Modern Warfare 2, as a series of timely inputs can often lead to improved movement techniques that help them stand above the rest in an online multiplayer game. . Now it looks like a new Call of Duty trick has been found and is giving us the Titanfall 3 and Advanced Warfare 2 we’ve always wanted inside Infinity Ward’s shooter.

This recently unveiled Modern Warfare 2 motion tech — which refers to a technique players can use to push a game’s motion engine to its limits — is about as dumb as it is impressive and effective, and I’m one hundred percent hundred here for it. The Call of Duty move combines a dolphin dive with a jump (although it can be a bit hard to tell in the shared footage) to give you some very impressive airtime. Combined with the best Modern Warfare 2 weapons, this looks like one of the funnest ways to get easy kills in multiplayer.

If you dolphin dive on a ledge in any of Modern Warfare 2’s maps and combine it with a jump, you’ll go very far, very quickly. It’s almost like using a bounce pad on a platform as you propel yourself far and fast. Eat your heart out Mario’s triple jump.

If you’d like to see this new tech glitch with Modern Warfare 2’s dolphin dive move, xronhs98 shared a first-person video showing it from the perspective of players and others in the fight, which you can find on Reddit.

New broken Mw2 movement tech from ModernWarfareII

As you can imagine, this movement technology discovered at the beginning of Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 could make for some pretty wild matchups. Many players in the comments point out how ridiculous a movement tech is, with one joking “can the unemployed get jobs or something”, and another adding “lol they’ll screw it up in 5 hours”.

This is where we get to the really devastating part of this story, as, yes, this movement tech is really more of a problem, and yes again, Infinity Ward will probably try to fix it when it comes up on their radar, if they haven’t already. It should also be noted that it’s not “bunnyhopping”, which has been widely frowned upon. Bunnyhopping is where you use your momentum on a jump when moving fast, to continue moving at increased speed.

If you want more help with the new Call of Duty, we’ve got you covered, with a how to level up fast guide in Modern Warfare 2 guide, along with a look at how to get double XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2 as well.

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