Minecraft player creates incredibly destructive weapons

ONE Minecraft The user has made sure that nothing is safe in the sandbox title by coding in various ways to leave behind carnage in the otherwise innocent game. With so many things to do Minecraftin its open world, it’s no surprise that millions of players around the world are still engaged in creation and discovery. While the game isn’t really known for its violence, although there are some fights, it seems like at least one person wanted to turn the apocalypse dial a bit.


Considered one of the greatest open-world video games of all time, Minecraft he’s stuck it out for over a decade, breaking records and selling hundreds of millions. The appeal comes from the fact that almost anything can happen in the game, thanks to the built-in mechanics. Minecraft it also transcends age groups and, while it tends to be associated with children, many adults are more than happy to participate in block creativity. Given its slant towards younger players, it makes sense that destructive violence isn’t a major mechanic, aside from blowing up some TNT blocks, but that’s where one person comes into play.

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Minecraft Youtuber Mysticat managed to code up what could essentially be described as a Harry Potter style wand whose main focus is to deal as much damage as possible. In a video uploaded, they are seen shooting fireballs from a stick and wreaking havoc across the land. But it doesn’t end there. Mysticat then makes the wand fire rockets, destroying a nearby village. The YouTuber continues to create his own Half life 2-a gravity pistol, an instant earthquake maker, and even a sniper rifle.

Anyone who knows this content creator is well aware of the kind of crazy antics they do in the game. Mysticat has done a lot of stupid things in the past Minecraft, including a sword that doubles as a helicopter and a fully driven tank. It shows the immense creativity that exists in the community, as well as just what can be achieved in sandbox play.

Because of this, Minecraft it is basically infinite in terms of playability. Despite being released in 2011 or 2009 for those that include alpha, Mojang’s IP remains at the top of the gaming food chain and with Minecraft Legends coming out next year, there is still so much life in this world.

Minecraft is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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