Milwaukee LGBTQ bars ban serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s Halloween costumes

  • Two Milwaukee LGBTQ bars have banned Jeffrey Dahmer’s Halloween costumes.
  • Dahmer, who lived in Milwaukee, picked up many of his victims from a Milwaukee gay bar.
  • A controversial Netflix series has brought the serial killer, who died in 1994, back into the spotlight.

Two LGBTQ bars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will bar patrons wearing Jeffrey Dahmer costumes from entering Halloween weekend, WISN 12 News reported.

D.IX and This Is It! said in a statement that costumes of the Milwaukee-based serial killer, who is back in the spotlight thanks to a hit Netflix series, are banned from their facilities, noting that they would hit too close to home.

Dahmer, who was also known as the “Milwaukee Monster,” murdered and dismembered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. The serial killer collected several of his victims, the majority of whom were black, from a gay bar he frequented in Milwaukee.

“Although Dahmer was not a customer of This is It!, the bar has been getting calls since the Netflix series aired because we are the oldest LGBTQ+ bar in Milwaukee and the Midwest,” said This Is It! in a statement to WISN 12.

“This, combined with the popularity of the show and people on social media playing with the idea that it would be a good idea to dress up as this bad person, has led the bar to make a statement that such hateful and disrespectful costumes will not are allowed. in our area”, continues the announcement.

Dahmer, who died in 1994, is becoming known to a new generation after a controversial and wildly popular Netflix series launched last month. Insider reported that TikTokers accused “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” of romanticizing and minimizing his crimes.

Eric Hamilton, manager of DIX, said in a statement that “naïveté” might make people who have seen the show wear a Dahmer suit.

“We understand that there’s a generation out there that hasn’t been through this situation, they may not understand the severity of how it’s affected the community,” Hamilton said, according to WISN 12. “We don’t want to put the patrons in the situation where they have to to see or relive something they really had to experience. This is not a costume. It’s not a costume.”

CBS MoneyWatch reported that eBay had banned the sale of Dahmer Halloween costumes and other paraphernalia. The suits violate the company’s policy on “violence and violent criminals,” a spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch.

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