Migrant home invader kills elderly British couple

A Romanian immigrant killed an 86-year-old woman and left her 88-year-old husband in 24-hour care until his death months later.

Vasile Culea, 34, broke into the home of Kenneth and Freda Walker on the outskirts of Shirebrook, Derbyshire, in January after “he heard the couple had a significant amount of money in the home they had shared for more than 60 years. “, according to an official police press release.

“But when the couple either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give Koulea the money, he brutally attacked them,” the release — which carefully avoided mentioning Koulea’s status as a foreign national or the fact that he was still in the country despite the fact that he had already been convicted of a violent crime in 2017 — he recalled.

Culea “pig-tied” the pair, placing a bag over Mrs Walker’s head and “brutally assaulted them both leaving them with brain injuries, lacerations and many other injuries”, sentencing judge Mr Justice Henshaw said in remarks which he reported. The guardian.

The court had heard that despite Mrs Walker and her husband suffering “horrendous” injuries, she may well have survived had she not been “abandoned without any assistance” by Culea “with coverings over her face preventing her airway.”

Despite leaving Mr Walker with brain damage and a broken neck and “dependent on nurses for all his needs”, according to The guardianlocal media claim his death a few months after the attack “was not directly linked to the attack”.

Somehow, he was cleared of attempted murder in Mr Walker’s case, although he was convicted of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm with intent.

In Ms Walker’s case, she was convicted of murder, with a so-called “life” sentence — but will be eligible for parole after serving a minimum term of just 34 years.

It’s rare that even very serious murders go unpunished, with even those like David McGreavy, the so-called ‘Worcester Monster’ who murdered a baby and two young children and barricaded them outside their mother’s home, going free by anonymous parole board members after a hearing not open to the public, aged just 68.

Temporary Detective Inspector Carolyne Van Schaick, speaking on behalf of Derbyshire Constabulary, said she hoped Culea’s “life” sentence would provide “some degree of closure for the family and friends of Freda and Ken”.

The force did not raise the question of why Culea was in the country to carry out the attack after his conviction in 2017.

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