Mehmet Oz slams Fetterman’s radical ‘Soft-on-Crime approach’

Pennsylvania Republican US Senate Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared on Sirius XM Breitbart News Saturday with host Matthew Boyle where he offered his analysis of his debate with Democrat John Fetterman and blasted the Democrat’s radical record on crime.

Oz and Fetterman had a one-off debate on Tuesday, during which the Democrat, who suffered a stroke in May, repeatedly struggled with his words and relied on a closed captioning system because of his auditory processing problems. While 82 percent of voters declared Oz the winner in a post-debate poll conducted by WPXI, Boyle asked Oz on Saturday to give his analysis of how the debate went.

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“Well, surgeons are very disciplined, as you know,” Oz said. “We’re laser-focused on the patient in front of us, so my goal was to make sure people appreciated that I would bring balance to Washington, and I should point out some of the extreme positions that my opponent, John Fetterman, has taken. , and I think I achieved those goals.”

“That’s why, again and again, I would articulate, using his own words, that John Fetterman said we should release one-third of all prisoners, or the main goal if you had a magic wand, was to get rid of lifers for felony murder. And because of that, he’s voted many, many times, dozens of times, against the wishes of even other parole board members to release murderers,” Oz added, referring to his chairmanship of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Council as lieutenant governor.

Under his watch, clemency recommendations for felons facing life in prison from the five-person board to Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) soared. From March 2019 to April 2022, the board sent at least 46 transition recommendations to Gov. Tom Wolf (D), as the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Julia Trerruso reported in May.

“That compares to exactly six in Wolf’s first termnone under former Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s one term and only five during former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell’s eight years in office,” Terruso wrote.

Oz took a deeper dive into Fetterman’s record on the pardon board later in the interview.


Breitbart · Dr. Mehmet Oz – October 29, 2022

“He has made it his mission to get rid of life sentences for felony murder,” Oz said. “It led him, on dozens of occasions, to push for the release of people convicted of murder by a jury who were sentenced to life in prison by a judge. And then he’ll say things like, “Well, they learned yoga in prison, or they studied gardening… I don’t like that they could have done this crime,” and then he’ll proceed to release them. Now, there are other parole board members, and they often say, “What are you saying? There is no way this person is going to get out.”

“And families, of course, are always overlooked in this process,” Oz continued. “And so I continue to…challenge Fetterman to be honest with…the fact that he seems to pay more attention…to the feelings of criminals than the innocent. But he has threatened other parole board members if they don’t agree with him. So trying to strong-arm other parole board members also sends a message that he just thinks he knows more than other people, even if there’s no objective reason to think that’s the case. And that’s why this is emblematic of his weak-on-crime, soft-on-crime approach.”

Oz emphasized that he got the approval of the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police for Fetterman because “they don’t think he has their back.”

“It has undermined them in many other areas as well. He had taken positions that are simply reprehensible,” Oz added. “And I keep saying that I want to fund the police, get them the equipment and tools they need, allow them to talk to the federal government, because I don’t think sanctuary cities make sense.”

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