Meet the members of Musk’s Inner Circle who are said to be helping him fix Twitter

  • Elon Musk took control of Twitter in a $44 billion deal last month.
  • It has since fired nearly all of its senior leadership and half of its workforce.
  • Behind the scenes, Musk is reportedly putting together a team of close allies.

Hours after Elon Musk completed his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, he began firing top executives.

Within two weeks, Twitter had lost almost all of its senior leadership and about half of its workforce.

But behind the scenes, Musk has reportedly assembled a small team to replace them.

“Elon has a close circle of friends and family that keeps him close,” Tim Higgins, author of “Power Play: Elon Musk, Tesla, and the Bet of the Century,” told the Evening Standard.

The billionaire often invites these friends to new business ventures with some already appearing on Twitter, Higgins said.

Chosen from Musk’s inner circle of allies, friends and former colleagues, these are the people who are reportedly helping him fix Twitter.

Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis.

Earl McGee/Getty Images

Investor and podcaster Jason Calacanis is a longtime Musk ally.

According to texts released during Musk’s legal battle with Twitter, he even expressed his desire to be CEO of Twitter.

Kalakanis wrote in a text exchange with Musk: “Put me on the game coach! CEO of Twitter is my dream job.”

Not quite CEO, Kalakanis Twitter bio at one point he declared himself the “Chief Meme Officer” on Twitter and the “World’s Greatest Moderator.”

Internally at Twitter, he is listed as a software engineer, two sources with knowledge of the changes told Insider’s Kali Hays.

Calacanis has also shown his involvement with the company in tweets, asking users about features they’d like to see and highlighting a meeting with Twitter advertisers.

Alex Spiro

Alex Spiro, head of Elon Musk's legal team.

Alex Spiro.

APU GOMES / Contributor /Getty Images

Spiro first worked with Musk when he defended him in a defamation case in 2019.

Since then, Spiro has played a key role in Musk’s abandoned legal effort to exit the Twitter deal.

The celebrity lawyer who has worked with stars like Jay-Z and Eminem now manages Twitter’s government relations, policy and marketing teams, according to four of the Washington Post’s sources.

Spiro also acted as de facto chief legal officer, sources told Insider, and was reportedly involved in the layoff plan that cut roughly one in two employees.

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan


Unlike the others, Krishnan has worked at Twitter before.

The software engineer left the company last year for venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Three days after acquiring Musk, Krishnan tweeted that he was temporarily “helping” Musk after the acquisition.

Krishnan’s role and proximity to Musk are both unclear. He has supported the billionaire in the past, calling him an “inspirational individual and iconic founder.”

Online speculation about a friendship between the two was sparked in February 2021 when Musk appeared on a talk show hosted by Krishnan and his wife at the Clubhouse.

David Sachs

David Sachs

David Sachs


Sacks is part of the “Paypal mafia,” a group of influential founders who worked on the payments app. Alumni of the group include LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Sacks and Musk himself.

From his time as COO and head of product at PayPal, Sacks launched Craft Ventures, a venture capital firm.

Now, Sacks is said to have been dragged in — at least temporarily — to help Musk with Twitter. Sources told Insider that he was listed on Twitter’s corporate directory as a staff software engineer and was assigned a company email address.

Sachs disputed reports that he is actively involved, saying on Twitter he had “no official role” but “did what Silicon Valley investors try to do, which is useful on the sidelines.”

Jared Birchall

Jared Birchall, the head of Elon Musk's family office

Jared Birchall.

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Birchall is the head of Musk’s family office and manages the billionaire’s personal fortune. He has been described as Musk’s “assembler” and right-hand man.

The former Goldman Sachs analyst has worked with Musk for more than six years. In 2018, he was even brought in as CEO, CFO and president of Neuralink, Musk’s neural networks technology company.

Bloomberg reported that Birchall played a key role in securing financing for Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Last week, Musk’s right-hand man was also among the group strategizing within Twitter, according to the Washington Post.

Spiro, Calacanis, Sacks, Birchall and Krishnan did not respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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