Madden NFL 23 Players Furious As Server Issues Wipe Franchise Mode Saves

Madden NFL 23 players are not happy with EA Sports, as a reported save data issue has corrupted several save settings in Franchise mode.

A major data problem with Madden NFL 23 it has caused many players to see their Franchise mode save settings completely wiped out and fans are not happy about it. The latest entry in EA Sports’ annual football franchise has received a lot of criticism from fans since its release in August. EA has made several updates to the game to try to mitigate the many issues with the game and some have even called the game “the worst Go crazy game ever.” Now, a major bug has affected one of the game’s most popular modes.


Franchise has historically been one of the most popular modes of play in the Madden NFL series featuring players who take it upon themselves to build their own Super Bowl winning team. However, Madden NFL 23The iteration of the fan-favorite mode has been panned for its numerous bugs. Fans have reported everything from games not saving correctly, the Franchise mode not saving player signings or cuts correctly, and even the regular season reverting to the preseason. Now, a significant amount of Madden NFL 23 Players have seemingly lost their save settings in Franchise Mode.

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In a recent server outage, fans are reporting that their Franchise is “currently unavailable” with the game experiencing major issues. Fans have reported that franchise modes have seemingly disappeared with many players losing their save games. While the issue was initially believed to be exclusive to online franchises, several players with offline franchises have also confirmed that their files have been corrupted. The issue with Franchise has become so intense that EA Sports would make a statement about the bug on Saturday morning.

In an official update from EA Sports, the company said that players trying to access their Franchise Modes on Wednesday afternoon received the “currently unavailable” error. EA has confirmed that there is a data saving issue with Madden NFL 23 had caused these players’ files to be corrupted. EA’s outlook on the bug wasn’t particularly promising for fans, as the company predicted only about 40% of saves would be recoverable. EA Sports has confirmed that the issue has since been fixed and players can safely create new Franchise save modes.

The Franchise mode controversy comes as the latest issue from a difficult launch for Madden NFL 23. Fans have been heavily critical of the newer ones Go crazy to feel like repackaged Madden NFL 22 with roster updates, similar to criticisms of other EA Sports franchises. Madden NFL 23 has also seen frequent issues with disconnections, lost progress, and broken game mechanics, with many emotions Go crazy you have to skip a year for Madden NFL 24. Players have often expressed their displeasure Madden NFL 23 and Franchise mode corruptions are bound to see more angry fans.

Madden NFL 23 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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