‘Love Is Blind:’ Bartise Bowden Says He Was Season 3’s Villain

  • Bartise Bowden talked about his “Love is Blind” Season 3 arc during a recent Instagram Q&A.
  • The reality star said he was “absolutely, 100 percent, definitely the bad guy.”
  • “I looked like an idiot,” the 27-year-old said of how he broke down during the episodes.

“Love is Blind” Season 3 star Bartise Bowden reflected on his arc on the dating show during a recent Instagram Q&A. When asked if he considered himself the “villain” of the season, Bartiz accepted the label.

“Absolutely, 100 percent, definitely the bad guy,” Bartiz said in response, according to ET Online.

The 27-year-old went on to say that he looked like a “dumb” during Season 3, which saw him propose to Nancy Rodriguez in the pod only to leave her at the altar during the season finale.

“I looked arrogant. I looked insensitive. I looked selfish. It is what it is. I can only learn from it. I can only grow from it,” Bartise said during Monday’s Q&A. “Watching it back was a blessing for me because when I was going through it I didn’t have any of those feelings and now I do. Shame and shame.”

“This is the bad guy here,” Bartiz concluded, pointing to himself.

Nancy and Bartiz continue

Nancy and Bartise in episode seven “Love Is Blind”.


Bartise also revealed that after watching the show, he realized he was speaking “pretty horribly” and decided to be quieter during the filming of the season 3 reunion episode, which recently aired on Netflix.

“At the reunion when we were shooting that, I was like, ‘I’m not talking shit.’ I had a lot to say, but I bit my tongue. Learn and grow I guess,” Bowden said, according to ET Online.

Bartise connected with two women in the pods without ever seeing them face-to-face – 33-year-old Nancy, a speech-language pathologist, and Raven Ross, a 29-year-old Pilates instructor. After rejecting Raven (who in turn rejected Bartise before getting engaged to fellow contestant Sikiru “SK” Alagbada), Bartise proposed to Nancy, who accepted.

However, the real world posed several significant challenges for Bartise and Nancy. Bartiz often praised Raven’s physical appearance in front of Nancy and also took issue with the 33-year-old’s stance on abortion, among other disagreements.

During the season 3 finale of “Love is Blind”, Bartiz finally said no to Nancy at the altar and the two subsequently broke up.

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