Logan Paul faces backlash from CryptoZoo Discord after Coffeezilla investigation

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UPDATED: 2022-12-31T19:32:04

Two weeks after uploading the first CryptoZoo research entry to Coffeezilla’s YouTuber channel, Logan Paul finally took to the project’s Discord server, but was met with backlash.

On August 18, 2021, Logan Paul announced his own NFT project, CryptoZoo. This play-for-profit project was advertised as more than just buying and selling digital assets. Investors were promised a game that would increase the value of their ZOO tokens, earning them more money.

A Discord server was created as a way for investors to connect with each other as well as with the minds behind the project, with Logan Paul boasting CrytpoZoo as his project that had started. But after a year of development, pre-sales and disappointment. Logan Paul had only sent two messages to the server.

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The game was supposed to be released in September 2021, but until today it is not working properly. Investors cannot hatch eggs, breed animals, or do anything originally advertised. And after investigation by crypto detective Coffeezilla, it appears that several factors have led to the project’s current, inactive state.

Logan Paul is facing backlash from the CryptoZoo Discord

During Coffeezilla’s research, he spoke with several CryptoZoo investors who had lost hundreds or thousands of dollars on this project. And while they were upset with the loss, many pointed to the lack of communication from the CryptoZoo team as a major point of contention.

After the failed launch of the project in December, investors felt that Logan Paul had imagined CryptoZoo. He no longer talked about the project on his podcast and eventually launched his latest NFT venture, 99 Originals.

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Once Coffeezilla published its three-part investigation, Logan would eventually reach out to CryptoZoo. On December 23, 2022, Logan claimed that Coffeezilla’s findings were untrue. On December 26, he would post his response to Coffeezilla’s email inviting the detective to Impaulsive. And on December 29, he posted a photo of himself cosplaying as Coffeezilla in front of a green screen, hinting that he was investigating CryptoZoo himself.

But on December 31st, over a year since CrytpoZoo was seemingly abandoned, Logan Paul took to the CryptoZoo Discord with a few words to share. “Long time no see,” addressing the elephant in the room, “I hope you all have a great NYE. We will start 2023 strongly.”

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One user, Dim0naik, stated that he hoped Logan could fix the project, to which Paul replied: “I am.” However, these three messages did little to instill confidence in CryptoZoo investors.

Users ask Paul. They asked why he abandoned the project and didn’t address the failed launch before Coffeezilla’s investigation. “We have lost millions. People’s lives have been ruined. I hope you know the impact you have had on all of our lives,” commented JakeSpr.

Another theorized that Logan Paul will stay long enough to keep his promises to investors by making a play so he can avoid a lawsuit. While viewers wait for Logan Paul’s official response and CryptoZoo investors wait for a working game, Dexerto will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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