Little Inferno returning with a new expansion

Tomorrow Corporation has announced a surprise Ho Ho Holiday Expansion for the wacky fire-igniting puzzle game Little Hell. Its 10th anniversary is coming up Little Hellis out on PC and Wii U, and it looks like Tomorrow Corporation is feeling a little nostalgic. Few would have expected Tomorrow Corporation to ever revisit it Little Hell, maybe Tomorrow Corporation itself is surprised. However, the Ho Ho Holiday Expansion is on its way independently and will be delivered for free Little Hell players soon.


Little Hell forces players to burn things. In the game’s story, the player bought a Little Inferno Entertainment fireplace, a toy that kids can use to burn all kinds of things to stay warm. The player will be tasked with burning items of increasing value and macabre design, as well as combinations of items that are darkly funny. Through burning things, Little Hell Players will experience a disturbing, yet strangely endearing story. It’s the perfect app for a holiday-themed extension.

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The Ho Ho Holiday extension for Little Hell will deliver players a variety of happy goods to burn. There will be 20 new toys to buy for bonfires, as well as 50 new combinations that combine holiday items with purchases from older catalogs. There’s also a special Infinite Yule Log that burns forever, which is both fun to experiment with and weird considering its purpose Little Hell is to burn everything.

It wouldn’t be one Little Hell experience if there wasn’t also a story to be revealed through burning things. Tomorrow Corporation describes it as a new holiday horror story, warning players that something is coming. There’s also a mysterious new character to meet that’s both requisite and exciting.

A big question worth asking is how the Ho Ho Holiday Expansion will fit into the existing story Little Hell. Maybe it will be a simple side story or it could highlight the main story in a fun way. Little Hell Fans may even have hopes that the expansion will hint at a sequel or something else from Tomorrow Corporation. Regardless, fans will hopefully appreciate the fact that the small dev team was willing to do something nice for their fan base after all these years.

Tomorrow Corporation stays busy, of course. While it is still silent about its continued development Welcome to the Information Superhighway, is active in other ways. The Corporation started tomorrow 7 billion people on Android and published its first game, The captainin 2021. It also released new merchandise, including a Little Hell Sugar Plumps plush, relatively recent. Hopefully his efforts will pay off and a wave of new players will check out the indie darling that it is Little Hell this holiday season. The new update is coming on November 18th for PC and soon after for Nintendo Switch.

Little Hell is now available on PC, Switch and mobile devices.

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