Koei Tecmo announces Fate/Samurai Remnant

Koei Tecmo has released a short trailer for its action RPG Fate/Samurai Remnant, the latest entry in the Fate/Stay Night universe.

A teaser has been released for the newest Koei Tecmo action RPG, Samurai of Fate/Remnant. The game is set to be a collaboration between Koei Tecmo, developer Omega Force, Type-Moon and Aniplex.

Samurai of Fate/Remnant defined as an extension of the existing Fate universe, generally better known for Fate Stay/Night and Fate/Zero. The series began as a visual novel, following the story of Shirou Emiya, a student caught up in a Holy Grail War. Since then, the Fate The series has expanded into a massive series spanning the history of mankind, with regular releases of games, movies, anime and mobile game updates Fate Grand/Order.


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Samurai of Fate/Remnant revealed during Fate The New Year’s celebration, along with other revelations and details Fate projects under construction. A short teaser was released for the game, though it doesn’t have any actual gameplay footage. The game is set somewhere in feudal Japan and focuses on a young sword-wielding protagonist who is under siege. After deflecting an attack, his hand glows with a Seal of Command and a Servant appears, defending him and asking if he is the one who summoned them.

There’s not much else to see in the trailer, though big fans of it Fate The series will probably be more excited about the ending. The playable character is once again under attack, but this time the attacker is revealed to be none other than Musashi Miyamoto, Japan’s legendary swordsman. Newcomers to the series may not recognize the hero, however, as Fate has Musashi’s gender to be female, which has appeared before Fate Grand/Order as a summoned Servant.

Koei Tecmo describes the game as an Action RPG, with no further information on what the gameplay will be like. Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force are partly known for Musou-style games such as Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which allows players to battle massive hordes of enemies as some of the franchise’s most recognizable and powerful heroes. In Hyrule Warriorsthis means you play as characters like Link and Zelda, but given the huge roster Fate servants and heroes, there’s a lot to potentially draw from, even if the game is limited to Japanese history. However, it has not yet been confirmed that the title will be Musou.

With new ones Fate Animated projects and games on the way, there’s a lot for fans of the series to get excited about in 2023.

Samurai of Fate/Remnant is set to release in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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