Kingdom Hearts is getting a 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box Collection

Square Enix announces that it is producing a special vinyl LP box set for the Kingdom Hearts RPG series in honor of its 20th anniversary.

Square Enix has announced that it is producing a special vinyl LP box set for the 20th anniversary of its RPG series. Royal hearts. The vinyl collection will contain some of the most recognizable soundtracks from video games and some special physical features focusing on favorites Royal hearts characters, making it something fans of the series will likely want to add to their collection.

Although the main celebrations of its 20th anniversary Royal hearts Already completed in April 2022, Square Enix has since continued to provide the community with game updates and news about upcoming official products. Despite the lack of information about the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 4some updates included mobile titles of the series like Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link and Dark Road. As for merchandise, Square Enix has opened pre-orders for mouse pads, Royal hearts 20th anniversary Walkman and headphones, and this special vinyl LP box set.


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On Square Enix Music’s Japanese Twitter account, the company released official information about the Royal hearts 20 Years LP Vinyl Box. According to the website, the product will cost 16,500 yen, which is about 125 US dollars. The release date for the vinyl box set is only a few months away, on March 22, 2023. The collection will be housed in a box that will feature the 20th anniversary visual theme, and each of the three analog discs will be packaged in the key images of the original Royal hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2and KH 3.

The site also shared that a total of 36 tracks will be included. Some of the tracks named include the original Royal hearts the “Dearly Beloved” theme, “Dive into the Heart -Destati-“, “Traverse Town” and an instrumental version of “CHIKAI”. To combine the entire 20th anniversary, the soundtrack used to introduce the Kingdom Hearts 4 The trailer during the live stream of the event, “Reality in the Dark”, will also be included on the vinyl records. In addition, those who purchase the collection will also receive a limited-edition, stand-up card of the 20th anniversary illustration featuring the four versions of Sora.

Unfortunately, Square Enix has yet to announce if this Royal hearts The vinyl LP box set will be available to fans outside of Japan. As of now, only those with a Japanese Square Enix store account can pre-order the collection. With so many fans in love with it Royal hearts Series around the world, we hope that Square Enix will also open pre-orders of the vinyl LP box beyond the borders of Japan.

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