Joe Rogan Says He Told Story About School That Installed Litter Box In Girls’ Bathroom Without Receipts

Podcast host Joe Rogan has dismissed his claim that a school placed a litter box in a girls’ bathroom for a student “that’s furry”, saying he made the claim without evidence.

“I don’t think they actually did,” Rogan said. “I think there were discussions about doing it because there was a particularly eccentric mother, but there is – there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that they put a litter box in there.”

Rogan, who has fueled conspiracy theories about Covid-19 treatments and vaccines over the past two years, made the statement in a conversation with former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on his podcast last month. He claimed that his friend’s wife was a teacher at the school that had installed the litter box.

“Fortunately,” Ms. Gabbard, who recently left the Democratic Party and campaigned for Republican candidates, said at the time.

On Wednesday, author Michael Shermer told Rogan that the trash can story was an “urban legend” used to attack Democratic candidates on gender issues. Republican candidates have taken aim at Democrats for their support of transgender rights in races across the country during the midterm election cycle.

Rogan said he had no proof of the story he told Ms. Gabbard, but was sympathetic to the story because he met a fur convention at a Pittsburgh hotel a decade ago.

“It was about 10 years ago, there was a UFC in Pittsburgh, and when we went there, as we were landing and driving from the airport to the hotel, we see all these people in mascot gear,” Rogan said. “We’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ And we talked to this guy, and he said, “There’s a fur convention in town.”

Rogan isn’t the only public figure to repeat the claim that schools are installing litter boxes in recent weeks. On Wednesday, Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc repeated the trash can claim on NBC News and said scriptwriter Maggie Hassan, his Democratic opponent, was responsible for the “craze” in the schools.

In Minnesota, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen has also claimed on multiple occasions that students use trash cans in schools without offering any concrete evidence.

“Why do we have litter boxes in some school areas so kids can pee in them because they’re identified as furry? We have lost our minds,” Mr Jensen said at a campaign event in September. “We’ve lost our minds.”

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