Jack Harlow hosts, sketchers poke fun at Kanye West

“Saturday Night Live” returned on October 29 as Jack Harlow hosted and performed as the musical guest. He showed off his acting skills ahead of the premiere of his first film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’.

Harlow was joined by surprise guests Tom Hanks, Survivor’s Jeff Probst and former SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan.

Here are some notable moments from the fourth episode of “Saturday Night Live” season 48.

The Cold Open

The episode opened with a “PBS News Hour” spoof, with cast member Heidi Gardner starring as Judy Woodruff interviewing Republican candidates gaining momentum in their midterm senatorial races. Veteran SNL cast member Cecily Strong appeared as Arizona Republican candidate Kari Lake, who said that “Arizonians want to talk about the issues that affect them, like crime in New York or crime in Detroit ».

Kenan Thompson’s Herschel Walker was shaken when he said “there are kids at school who identify as Pokemon.” Mikey Day played Dr. Oz, who seemingly knew nothing about his home state of Pennsylvania, noting that, “You can win this election if you’re honest, if you’re fair, and if your opponent has a debilitating medical emergency.” “

Monologue by Jack Harlow

Harlow had his big year. “I put out a second album, went on a world tour and just shot my first movie, ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’ Harlow also poked fun at himself while explaining how everyone is roasting him on social media. He shared that his favorite was when someone wrote “you look like someone who tried to pull Justin Timberlake from memory.”

Harlow also said hello to his mother, father and grandparents, who were in the audience.

Digital Short

One of the top sketches of the night was the digital short with a PSA from Skechers referring to Kanye West’s arrival at their offices last Wednesday.

Strong points out, “Could you have said two years ago that Skechers could take Kanye away?” Bowen Yang comments: “Skechers refused [Kanye] faster than Adidas.”

Bowen Yang in SNL Skechers PSA

Weekend update

Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che gave a rundown of the week’s biggest news stories. Jost began by discussing Elon Musk’s takeover on Twitter and noted that the next highest bid after $44 billion was $0.

Che noted Walker’s abortion scandal and quoted Walker after being accused by another woman. “I’m done with this bullshit” — which Walker says when he takes off the condom.

Amid the anti-Semitic controversy surrounding Kanye West, Che noted that the musician was dropped from Bar Mitzvah playlists.

Moynihan made a surprise appearance at the news desk, reprising his famous “drunk uncle” character. To his character’s famous drunken uncle, he shouts, “Tom was too good for Giselle.”

David S. Pumpkins Repeated!

Finally, the episode concluded with the return of one of SNL’s most beloved characters, David S. Pumpkins, with a full reunion with Tom Hanks, Bobby Moynihan and Mikey Day. David S. Pumpkins is “the least scary haunted character ever.” When Hanks first appears, he says to loud audience laughter, “I’m David S. Pumpkins and I’m going to scare the crap out of you.”

David S. Pumpkins
Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins

Amy Schumer will host and Steve Lacey will be the musical guest on the next episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which airs Nov. 5 on NBC.

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