iottie Easy One Touch 5 Dash/Windshield Smartphone Mount

If your ride doesn’t have an in-dash navigation system or support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, it can be frustrating. Many areas have strict laws regarding operating a smartphone while driving, limiting your ability to use your mobile device’s features such as GPS navigation, music streaming (assuming your car stereo has Bluetooth or Aux input) and receiving voice calls. There are third-party options (such as Pioneer’s excellent AVIC head unit that I reviewed several years ago), but these are expensive and require professional installation. A more popular route is to use a dashboard or windshield mount that holds your phone in place for hands-free use. The problem is that many of them are cheaply made, poorly designed and offer an inferior experience. The iottie Easy Touch One 5 Smartphone Stand aims to provide a superior experience.

My wife’s daily driver is from that generation of vehicles that were equipped with Bluetooth stereo integration and hands-free calling, but no navigation system or display. Close, but not a cigar. Operating a phone in the car to navigate in the area where we live carries a distracted driving fine starting at $615 and a three-day suspension β€” for the first offense. However, drivers are allowed to have a smartphone mounted on their dashboard for this purpose. After reading a lot of reviews about the different machines for sale, I ordered an iottie Easy One Touch 5 dash/windshield mount.

Unboxing and assembly

I’ve had some experience with such things over the years, and they’ve never lived up to expectations. Most are made of cheap plastic that is bent and full of rough edges. The design wasn’t great either with an expected life of two weeks before the springs broke and the joints were stripped.

I was impressed by the stand inside the iottie box. It seems to be made of heavy plastic and there are no rough edges. Some parts are attached with actual screws, not just glue. The ball joint that connects the phone base to the base is fixed. Spring-loaded, locked side arms release with a reassuring snap. There was no struggle to fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max, even with the extra protective case I had installed. There are enough adjustments for optimal positioning (including a telescoping arm and the ability to rotate in landscape mode), but not so many that you feel wobbly. Backed by a two-year warranty, with free 30-day returns.

In short, the iottie Easy Touch One 5 passes the first impression test with flying colors.


Easy Touch One 5 is dashboard/windshield mount, meaning you have options based on your preference, vehicle and local regulations. Whichever method you choose, a suction cup base provides the connection. In the case of windshield installation, the suction cup is placed directly on the glass. if you choose the dashboard mount, there is an adhesive disc that you place on the dashboard, then the suction cup sticks to it.

The base includes an integrated locking lever for the suction cup to ensure maximum grip.

I chose dashboard installation. This was a matter of assembling the base (cracking in the phone base), cleaning the dash to make sure there was no dust, choosing the optimal position (ensuring nothing vital to the driver is covered), peeling and sticking the adhesive pad, on then attach the Easy Touch One 5 using its suction cup.

It was easy enough, with most of the work being to make sure the dashboard area was clean.

The company also includes a magnetic adhesive tape to attach to the charging cable (if you use one). There’s a matching pad on the back of the phone base so the cable clips in, reducing clutter.


The Easy Touch One 5 worked as advertised. It’s easy to place your phone β€” the pressure-sensitive back plate of the stand activates the padded side arms as soon as the phone touches it and clamps the device securely in place. The phone is perfectly positioned to glance at while checking directions, minimizing eyes from the road. It can be adjusted for different drivers as needed. The whole setup does not rattle while driving.

To release your phone, simply squeeze the spring-loaded release bar.

The worst thing I can say about it is that you’ll have a little extra work to do when it comes to dusting the board…


If you’re looking for a windshield or mount for your smartphone, the iottie Easy Touch One 5 is a great choice. It’s smartly designed (the company has released several generations and perfected the design), well-made, adjustable, and makes it easy to secure and unlock your phone. It does the job.

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