iOS 16.1: These iPhone features just landed on your phone

of Apple iOS 16.1 it was released at the end of October, about a month later iOS 16 was released. While iOS 16 came with a way to not sending messagesfurther lock screen customization and more, iOS 16.1 brings new features, tweaks and fixes to compatible iPhones (and iPads with iPadOS 16).

See what’s new in iOS 16.1 and what each feature does. If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, we show you how to do that here. Want to take a deeper dive into your iPhone? Checkout all the best hidden features and setting changes that will optimize your device.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

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Sharing photos with friends and family after a night out or vacation can be a hassle. But with iCloud Shared Photo Library, you can easily share photos and videos with up to five other people.

Anyone with access to the Shared Photo Library can add, edit, and delete content within the library. You can upload photos directly from your iPhone camera to the library, and you can add photos to the library when you’re physically with others who have access to the library.

However, you cannot participate in two shared libraries at the same time, and if you move photos from your personal library to the shared library, those photos are not duplicates and can only be found in the shared library.

Live Activities on Dynamic Island and Lock Screen

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max‘small Dynamic island and the lock screen is enhanced with Live Activities. With Live Activities, Dynamic Island and the lock screen show notifications from third-party apps for things like sports games and flights.

Apple Fitness Plus without Apple Watch

With iOS 16.1 you no longer need one Apple Watch to have access to Apple Fitness Plus. With an iPhone 8 or later, you can track your fitness progress and goals right from your phone.

Battery monitor updates

iPhones from the XR to the latest models now have the option to display it Battery percentage on the battery meter icon. The font used for the battery icon has also been slightly increased in size, making it easier to read.

Wallpaper and lock screen updates

Apple made it a little easier to customize your wallpaper in iOS 16.1. From Settings > Wallpaper menu, the option to add new wallpaper is now more visually distinct and you have the option to swipe through existing wallpapers. Also, when editing your wallpaper from the lock screen, you’ll now have the option to customize either your lock screen or your home screen (instead of just the lock screen).

Updated the screenshot editing tools interface

When editing a screenshot using the edit menu, the delete, save, and copy options now appear at the top of your screen in a smaller, less obtrusive menu. Previously, these options were at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Wallet app upgrades

You can securely share your car, hotel room, and other Wallet app information with Messages and WhatsApp. Apple Card customers can also increase their Daily Cash by placing their savings in a high-yield savings account. You can also delete the Wallet app from your iPhone if you want.

Smart home connectivity via Matter

Matter, the new smart home connectivity standard, is now supported. This means you can control smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant from your iPhone.

Clean energy charging setup

A new clean energy charging toggle has been added to the Battery section in Settings. The setting could help you reduce your carbon footprint when you charge your iPhone. With clean energy charging turned on, your iPhone will selectively charge when lower-carbon electricity is available. This setting appears to be on by default, but you can turn it off if you want by going to Settings > Battery > Battery health and charge and pressing the toggle next to Clean Energy Charging.

Apple Books interface upgrade

If you’re reading books on your iPhone, your reader controls will automatically hide when you open Apple Books.

Bug fixes

Apple also faced a handful of bugs. These fixes address issues such as deleted conversations showing up in Messages, Dynamic Island content not showing up when using Reachability, and CarPlay not connecting when using a VPN app.

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