Improvements are coming to your favorite Marvel Snap card variant features

Marvel Snap developer Ben Brode explains how favoring a card variant can help sorting and how Second Dinner plans to improve the feature.

Ben Brode’s Second Dinner offers details on Marvel SnapThe ability to choose a favorite card variant, how it works and that improvements are on the way. The variation system in Marvel Snap it’s a clever and rewarding concept, as players can collect both the base versions of the cards and variants, just like how Marvel comics have variant covers. Other than the art, the cards are exactly the same. It’s easy to get a lot of cards and variants though, so that’s why Marvel Snap it has a variation system.


In Marvel Snap, players have access to around 230 cards. Each of these cards has many variations, with most having between four and six. In addition to variations, Marvel Snap Cards can be upgraded until split. Infinity Splits can give a card an alternate background or special effect, with up to 20 total variations that can all be collected. Suffice it to say, a Marvel Snap player’s library of cards is growing fast and a feature is needed to help players sort them.

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Brode took to Twitter on Saturday to explain Marvel Snap‘s system to favor the player’s chosen card variant. If players select a card from their library, there is an icon in the lower left that looks like four cards arranged in a grid. Within this menu players see all the variations of a card they have and assigning a gold star to a card makes it their favorite. Marvel Snap Players can then deselect “All Variations” from their library’s search and filter function to see only their favorite cards.

Many Marvel Snap Players are probably unfamiliar with this feature, partly because it’s buried in a lot of menus and doesn’t seem to do anything. As players grow their card library, however, using the system becomes much more efficient. However, Second Dinner knows how cumbersome it can be. Brode even confirms that an upcoming patch will make “big improvements” to the availability and simplicity of this feature.

It’s understandable why Second Dinner might prioritize improvements to this feature over some other improvements to the game. Variations are not just one of them Marvel SnapIts most interesting features are also a key part of it Marvel Snapits revenue generation. Players can purchase variants with Gold, the game’s premium currency, and there are some pretty cool variants.

As for when the update will arrive, Brode isn’t giving specifics. However, if it’s targeting an upcoming patch, it’s likely to hit the relatively nearby feature. Brode probably brought the issue up on Twitter a lot more Marvel Snap Players were aware that the feature is currently available.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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