How to find love in Square Enix’s cozy RPG

Love is in the air. While Harvestella it might be a JRPG mixed with farming sim elements, it’s the most important game that lets you date people. This is a big relief, as Square Enix has been quiet on the romance front for quite some time. With nine characters eligible for romance, how do you decide who to give your heart to? Do not worry! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to play matchmaker and give you a rundown of all the potential suitors Harvestella.

How romance works Harvestella?

HarvestellaHis romance is measured through a closeness level that can be viewed in the game menu, like approx Stardew Valleyhis friendly hearts. You increase your relationship with a character by completing the character’s special missions. These are marked in blue and will be a contained plot that helps you learn about each character’s life and what they value.

When you complete all these missions and reach rank 10, you will be able to start a partnership with your chosen outlaw. However, you need to complete the main story of the game first. At this point, the mayor of Lethe village will give you a crafting recipe for a ring. Craft the ring and give it to your desired partner and they will move into your home.

You can choose from any of the nine possible love options regardless of gender, but you can only have one partner. Make sure you’re ready to be in a committed relationship before you get down on one knee.

Now that you know how to find love within Harvestella. It’s time to meet the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of the game!


Square Enix

Aria is a woman out of time. Having crashed into his world Harvestella The same night you wake up an amnesiac, the two of you are almost bound by fate from the beginning. Living under the same roof and unraveling the mystery of Quietus, no one could blame you for falling for her intelligent driven personality with a bubbly sense of humor underneath!

She may be from the future, but can you see a future with her?


Who doesn’t love a man in a uniform? Asyl is part of the Argus Brigade of the city of Nemea and is essentially a Dragoon. He has a sense of honor and a loving heart that causes him to show nothing but kindness to everyone he meets.

Can this spear warrior pierce your heart like Cupid’s arrow?


Square Enix

This mercenary joins your party for a fee when you first meet him. He may just be a job to start with, but the more time you spend together his rough, reserved exterior may peel away to reveal his emotional underbelly. Braca has some trauma in his past, so it takes some work to make a real connection, but it’s worth it.

Will you be able to show him that you can’t put a price on love?


Square Enix

Cardamom is nothing if you don’t care. He is the first person to greet you when you wake up from your amnesia. As the doctor of Lethe Village, she makes it her duty to take care of you and check in on you from time to time. Is there something beyond the duty of a doctor that makes her worry about you so much and want to stay by your side?

Is this village doctor the medicine for your lonely heart?


Square Enix

A tavern singer in Shatolla, Emo is the only non-human romantic character. She is a siren from the sea that the player meets while playing. The beautiful sound of her voice captivates you and leads you on a quest that shows Emo’s growth from a timid performer to a woman who can stand up for herself and say something with her art.

Will you fall for her Siren’s song?

Get lost

Square Enix

Heine is a genius inventor who has a side job as a huge flirt. Let’s be honest, Heime romance is the closest thing to romance since Howl Howl’s Moving Castle as every video game has ever been. He has the hair, the outfit and the attitude. It’s hard not to swoon over Heine when he flirts with you, but if you take the time to get to know him, he’ll reveal a more serious side.

Is Heine the man you want to build a life with?


Square Enix

A missionary of the Seaslight Order, Shrika is a woman of faith. He is a responsible and calm person who rarely stumbles in the face of difficulties. Her loyalty leads her to be a caring person and she is able to quickly form a bond with you based on respect and support.

Will Srika make you faithful in love?


Istina is without a doubt the best romantic choice Harvestetlla, sorry about our other contestants. Look at her, she’s a hot teacher who carries swords. There you go, the decision is made!

But Istina is more than that, she is a fiercely loyal and caring woman. She helps run the Nemea Orphanage, but has a burden on her heart due to a shady past. Istina’s questline is one of the best Harvestella and it’s hard to finish without falling in love with her complex character.

Istina’s golden heart will surely teach you what it means to love.

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