How to find BeReal Recap video

  • The BeReal Recap video shows every photo you’ve posted on BeReal this year.
  • To find the BeReal Recap, go to the app’s Memories page and get on the waiting list.
  • Your BeReal Recap video will be available until the end of January 2023 unless you save it to your device.

2022 is quickly coming to an end, which means it’s time to look back on everything you did this year — and all the time you spent posting photos to BeReal.

BeReal just added a Recap feature that makes a video using every photo you’ve posted on the app this year. Once you watch it, you can immediately save the video or share it with your friends.

Here’s how to find and share BeReal Recap.

How to find your BeReal Recap

This feature is available on both the iPhone and Android versions of BeReal.

1. Open BeReal and tap your PROFILE PICTURE in the upper right corner.

2. On your profile screen, tap See all my memories.

3. At the bottom of the Memories page, tap the icon that looks like a computer screen with sparkles on it.

The Memories page on BeReal.

Tap the new icon at the bottom of the Memories page.

Be true; William Antonelli

4. Puncture Create your 2022 video recap.

Now comes the weird part: The waiting list. After you hit the create button, BeReal will put you in a queue before you can view your video.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the system — I was placed at spot #16,195 but got the recap in less than a minute. But other users report longer wait times.

In any case, feel free to close BeReal while you wait. When your Recap video is ready, you’ll get a notification.

The BeReal Recap page on BeReal, telling the user that they are on a waiting list.

You should queue your video Recap.

Be true; William Antonelli/Insider

Once you get the Recap video, go back to BeReal and go to the Memories page again to watch it.

When the video ends, press white Share your video recap button to save the video to your phone or share it with your friends.

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