Harvey Weinstein’s accuser confides in Mel Gibson about alleged assault

  • A key accuser of Harvey Weinstein testified at the disgraced Hollywood mogul’s trial in Los Angeles this week.
  • The woman, identified as Jane Doe 3, initially kept the alleged assault to herself, she testified.
  • But she eventually revealed the incident to an unlikely and famous confidant: actor Mel Gibson.

Actor Mel Gibson once played the trusted partner of one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, the woman testified in court this week during the disgraced tycoon’s criminal trial on rape charges.

Los Angeles County prosecutors charged Weinstein with 11 counts of sexual assault stemming from allegations by five different women who accused the onetime producer of molesting them at Los Angeles hotels between 2004 and 2013.

Weinstein is already serving a 23-year sentence in a New York prison after an East Coast trial, but faces an additional life sentence for the West Coast trial. He denied the charges against him and declared his innocence.

All five women are expected to testify against Weinstein, as well as four “witnesses to bad experiences,” whose testimony is not directly related to the criminal charges but could be considered by the court as prosecutors try to prove the alleged pattern of behavior. Weinstein’s.

One of the main accusers in the case took the stand Wednesday where he described the alleged assault. The woman, identified as Jane Doe 3, worked as a massage therapist serving high-profile clients and celebrities, so she stayed alone in a hotel room with Weinstein in 2010, she testified, according to the trial team’s report. .

After 40 minutes on the table, Weinstein abruptly stopped the massage, she testified, saying it was over. She went to the bathroom to wash her hands when Weinstein came in naked and started masturbating, she testified. Jane Doe 3 said she asked him to leave, telling him his behavior was inappropriate.

“He said, ‘Look at me, tell me how big my cock is,'” she testified, according to the pool report.

He pushed her against a wall and began feeling her breasts under her bra, she said. Despite her pleas, Weinstein continued to touch her and masturbate, she said. After it was over, she tried to play the incident off as normal, Jane Doe 3 testified, according to the pool’s report.

For months, she said she kept the attack to herself for fear that speaking out would affect her career and access to prominent massage clients. But he eventually disclosed the alleged assault to an unlikely confidant.

Jane Doe 3 said she gave actor Mel Gibson a massage when he brought up a movie she may have worked on with Weinstein. She said she began to “freaking out,” questioning how Gibson could want to work with Weinstein. When he asked about her reaction, she began to cry and confided in him about the attack, he said.

“He was the first person I finally opened up to about what happened,” she said, according to the report. “I told him he sexually assaulted me, but I didn’t want to go into all the details. I was embarrassed and humiliated.”

Gibson asked if she wanted to call the police. He also suggested she talk to one of his girlfriends, she testified.

A representative for Gibson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The prosecution has said it plans to call Gibson as a witness in the case, but Weinstein’s defense attorney said he would request the actor’s own checkered and anti-Semitic history if he takes the stand.

During cross-examination Thursday, Weinstein’s attorney, Mark Werksman, pressed Jane Doe 3 to explain why she returned to massage Weinstein multiple times after the initial incident and began discussions with his publishing company about a potential nude book massage.

“Your story looks like the US economy, with an 8% inflation rate,” Werksman said. “You didn’t want to kill the book deal and tell Weinstein, ‘Bad boy, no more massages,’ right?”

Werksman claimed Jane Doe 3’s story had changed after meetings with the district attorney’s office and Los Angeles County authorities between 2016 and 2020.

“That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to come forward,” he said. “Because that’s embarrassing.”

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