Genshin’s crash leak reveals Dottore’s character model

A new leak from Genshin Impact reveals the game’s character model for one of the next Fatui Harbingers to join the game, Dottore.

A recent leak from Genshin Impact revealed the in-game character model for Dottore of the Fatui’s Harbingers, which is rumored to be playable at some point in the future. With the next update for HoYoVerse’s massively popular RPG just two days away, the game has seen a lot of information coming out about future patches. Version 3.3 is rumored to add the long-awaited Scaramouche and a new character in Faruzan, along with permanent TCG mode. Now, a new leak has given players one of their first looks at potentially the next member of Fatui.


Dottore’s possible future addition to Genshin Impact in the near future comes as the character has played an important role in the history of the Sumero region. Dottore was the main antagonist during versions 3.0 and 3.1, with each region’s story usually focusing on a specific Fatui Harbinger. Dottore is also heavily involved in the recently released Collei storyline, with the Forest Ranger being the subject of twisted experimentation by the Fatui. Now, players can see its detailed in-game model for the first time.

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A new upload from prominent Genshin Impact Leaker Blank has revealed the game model for the next Fatui Harbinger to join the game, Dottore. Dottore’s regal-looking outfit is covered in blue from head to toe, reinforcing recent leaks about his Cryo element. His character model also features two different versions of Fatoui’s “Doctor” eye mask. The Fatui’s Second Harbinger will likely be the third member of the game’s main antagonists to join the RPG after Childe and the upcoming Scaramouche.

The Fatui Harbinger leak goes along with several other major reveals related to future characters Genshin Impact. Upcoming characters like Dehya and Yaoyao have recently seen early gameplay details leaked with future cast members like Kaveh, Baizhu and Alhaitham seeing smaller leaks. The release of the closed beta test for Genshin ImpactVersion 3.3 later this week should bring more details on the next patch’s characters as well. Even future locations like Dottore’s factory and the game’s map expansions have seen early reveals from leakers.

With Genshin ImpactWith the leaks giving fans a taste of what to expect from the next few updates, HoYoVerse is gearing up to release the next major patch for the game on Tuesday. Genshin ImpactVersion 3.2 will bring with it the release of Dendro Archon to Nahida along with a new four-star Cryo character, Layla. The game is also set to debut two new bosses with Dendro Hypostasis as the world boss and The Balladeer as a new weekly magazine for players. Genshin Impact Fans have a lot to look forward to with new characters and areas coming soon.

Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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