Gas App co-founder tells Elon Musk to hire him for a job at Twitter

Gas App co-founder tells Elon Musk to hire him for a job at Twitter

  • Gas co-founder Nikita Bier has offered to work for Elon Musk as Twitter’s VP of product.
  • Gas, a viral platform, has topped the App Store rankings and is popular among high school students.
  • Bier previously co-founded an app that was bought by Facebook and worked as a Meta product manager until 2021.

The co-founder of Gas, which is ranked No. 1 among social media platforms in the App Store, is again asking Elon Musk to hire him as Twitter’s vice president of products after Musk took over Twitter this week.

First Nikita Bier he tweeted Musk in April offered to work for him, then tweeted again on Friday that his “offer still stands.” Bier said he knows “a little bit” about how to develop social media platforms and suggested Musk take a look at the App Store charts for “references.”

Bier told Insider Saturday via DM: “I think the role would be exciting – but Gas is completely taking up my time right now.”

Gas – a social media app where high school students can vote anonymously in polls – has been rapidly gaining popularity since its launch in August this year. The product specialist he said in mid-October that Gas was gaining 30,000 users an hour and had achieved a daily user base of one million with a team of just four people.

At the time of publication, the app has hosted more than 500 million polls.

Co-founders Bier, Isaiah Turner and Dave Schatz designed the app as a “place to make us feel better about ourselves” where users can vote on polls that include compliments like “probably be a model when I grow up.”

The company asks the poll questions and users can anonymously vote for friends. People with the most votes in a poll get a “flame” in their message inbox. The app is only available in 12 states, but there are plans to expand in the near future, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In his tweet in April, Bier told Musk: “Hire me to run Twitter as VP of Product. I’ve been building social apps for 11 years — and not in a way that drives products to wear and tear like a typical ‘daddy product manager’ ” of BigTech,” adding that “Twitter has the potential to be the premier messenger, team-building tool for apps and content.”

Whether Bier was serious about his offer to work for Musk or made the comments as a joke is not known.

A user commented in April asking what his Web3 Twitter strategy would be, and Bier replied, “Fire the executive who made NFT profile pictures.”

Bier co-founded a similar social media app called Tbh, which also topped the App Store charts before Facebook announced it was acquiring the app in 2017. The exact price was not disclosed, but according to TechCrunch, Facebook paid less than $100 million.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the entrepreneur then worked as a product manager at Meta for four years and was an early investor in the popular social networking app BeReal.

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