Fired Twitter worker says termination email was sent to his wife, not him

  • A former Twitter employee says the company emailed the termination notice to his wife, according to Bloomberg.
  • John Barnett was fired after standing up for a co-worker who was fired, according to the report.
  • Barnett has sued Twitter over claims the company canceled some of his stock options, the report said.

A former Twitter employee who was fired says the company sent a termination notice to his wife’s email address instead of his own, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

John Barnett, Twitter’s former chief product officer, was fired in November, according to a lawsuit Barnett filed alleging that Twitter violated a limited stock deal it received when the company acquired startup Chroma Labs, according to Bloomberg.

Twitter sent an email with Barnett’s termination notice to his wife’s address, lawyers said in the lawsuit, Bloomberg reported. But Barnett’s wife did not work at Twitter, the lawyers said, according to the report.

“Twitter never sent this email to Barnett himself,” the lawyers said in the lawsuit, according to Bloomberg.

Barnett found out he had been fired after voicing his support for a colleague, Eric Frohnhoefer, who said he was fired after a dispute with Elon Musk, according to the report.

The suit argues that Barnett’s stock options, which he received when he joined Twitter after its acquisition of Chroma Labs, could only be canceled if he was fired for misconduct, Bloomberg reported.

Twitter said in Barnett’s termination notice that any unvested stock options will be revoked because of his firing, according to the lawsuit reported by Bloomberg.

Barnett and Twitter did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment made outside normal US business hours.

Three Twitter employees were fired within 24 hours of criticizing Musk on Twitter, Insider reported. They included Frohnhoefer, who he tweeted a photo showing him locked out of his work computer. Musk even tweeted that Frohnhoefer had been “fired,” but later deleted the post.

It appears that Twitter notified employees of the layoff via an email sent to their personal account, according to a former manager who spoke to Insider. Many were also locked out of work laptops, email and Slack accounts without official notification.

Barnett’s reported experience comes as Twitter has been hit by legal complaints from 100 former employees who lost their jobs and signed arbitration agreements after Musk took over the company.

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