Fire Emblem Engage Preview details Sigurd

A Fire Emblem Engage gameplay preview features Sigurd, a returning character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

A new batch of game previews for Fire Emblem Engage focuses on a character from a previous entry in the series, Sigurd the Holy Knight. Fans got the first look and its release date Fire Emblem Engage in September during a Nintendo Direct, including a new trailer. It not only introduces the new protagonist of Divine Dragon, Alear, but also the past Emblem of FIRE rulers in an important role. This incorporation sees them equipped as a set of rings known as Emblems, which summon these familiar characters to Alear’s side.


From the returning cast originally revealed on Fire Emblem EngageIts reveal trailer features characters like the iconic Marth, Celica, and even Sigurd. Sigurd himself hails from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, as the lord of the first generation of characters that the player will be able to control. He is the first pre-promoted lord of the franchise and rides a horse in almost all of his appearances, including Fire Emblem Heroes. These elements are also transferred to its appearance Fire Emblem Engagewith preview videos showing the features it gives as an Emblem.

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These previews were posted on the series’ official Twitter account, with some translations provided by SatsumaFS. In Fire Emblem EngageSigurd’s emblem is called the Crusader’s Emblem, a reference to him being one of the descendants of one of the Twelve Crusaders from Genealogyhis world. The official profile also describes him as a “standing” knight. Players were given a brief look at his abilities wielded by Alfred, one of the playable units in the game. Another video preview shows some of the abilities it provides as an emblem.

As seen in the game preview, Sigurd’s abilities from his home game are retained in his crest. Since this is a high movement cavalry unit, any unit equipped with his emblem will also be able to advance further than usual, increasing their movement and tactical options. Not only that, after the equipped unit attacks, they can move again and retreat to a different part of the map.

Like the other gameplay previews with other characters revealed, the Twitter account also showed a support chat between Sigurd and another character, which is Alear. In this conversation, he states how much he comes to care for Alear, noting that he is like his own child. Alear thanks Sigurd, noting that he feels their hearts as one during the battle. Some fans have noted that while this shows Sigurd’s fatherly side, the conversation strangely doesn’t mention Seliph, his actual child in the series. Some hope that Selif himself will appear as an Emblem in some capacity as well.

Fire Emblem Engage coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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