Fire Emblem Engage introduces new character Chloe

The upcoming Fire Emblem Engage introduces a new character known as Chloe, the Pegasus Knight from the kingdom of Firene.

A new set of game previews for Fire Emblem Engage features one of the brand new characters introduced to the game, Chloe the Pegasus Knight. Fire Emblem Engage was first revealed in September, with a trailer that highlighted the setting and premise of incorporating the past Emblem of FIRE main characters. Many new characters were also introduced in the trailer, such as the protagonist Lord, along with several allies from other neighboring kingdoms.

Other characters in the reveal trailer were also in the spotlight, with tweets from the official Emblem of FIRE Twitter account that gives short previews of these characters from neighboring kingdoms. One of these kingdoms in Fire Emblem Engage she is known as Firene, with the princess and prince being characters that players can recruit into their army. The official Twitter recently revealed another character from this realm, Chloe the Pegasus Knight.


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According to her official profile, Chloe is a knight who serves and adores Princess Celine of Firene. He is also described as someone who likes scary stories and beautiful images, and tries to find combinations of those two things whenever he can. A gameplay preview of her was shown where she serves as one of the mounted flying units in the game riding her Pegasus.

This original class is known as Lance Pegasus according to a SatsumaFS translation. Chloe’s Pegasus also allows her to cover more ground than other units by flying through the air. Like other Pegasus Knights Emblem of FIREdescribed as best used against magic units, but balanced by their inherent weakness to bows.

His latest gameplay clip Engage shows a support chat between Chloe and Celine where they relax and talk about their free time. Celine suggests Chloe take them for a ride on her Pegasus to drink some tea in an open field. Chloe is open to the idea, happily accepting her offer.

Many fans have taken to Chloe and her design, with longtime fans recognizing that she shares a voice actor with another character from the franchise. That would be Caeda from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the first game in the series and Marth’s love interest and regular wife. Fans are hoping that Caeda will appear as Emblem, since Caeda played a similar role in Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

Fire Emblem Engage coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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