Evil West Developer Reveals How Long It Takes To Beat

Flying Wild Hog reveals the duration of Evil West and what to expect from the game’s content, which can be played entirely in co-op.

Bad West Developer Flying Wild Hog has revealed how long it takes to beat. Players will now have an idea of ​​what to expect Bad West from developer Flying Wild Hog in terms of the length of the game and the amount of content it will have, whether they plan to play solo or co-op with their friends.

Flying Wild Hog announced it Bad West will have two-player co-op, which was a welcome surprise after the game’s recent delay. Bad West is a 3rd person, or single player, action adventure experience in a world of cowboys fighting against vampires. Bad West will have players take control of vampire hunter and gunslinger Jesse Rentier, as well as introduce a cast of interesting characters throughout its story.


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Since the Bad West The game’s overview trailer was an exciting showcase of exciting concepts that resembled familiar gameplay elements such as in Gears of War and Fate, players may be more eager to learn what they can expect from the game in its upcoming release this week. In an interview with Xbox Dynasty, Flying Wild Hog revealed that the main campaign will be around 10-15 hours long, which can be played in full co-op if players decide to embark on this adventure with a friend. However, players will be happy to know that the estimated completion time does not include all the extra features Bad West it will be released with such as four difficulty modes, repeat mission, new game plus and even permadeath mode. All of the modes seem to revolve around the campaign, which offers multiple ways for how players can choose to tackle it.


It should also be noted that Bad West won’t exploit its players through loot boxes and Season Passes, as expressed in its new trailer featuring Danny Trejo poking fun at some of the gaming industry’s most controversial elements.

The Bad West the developers have revealed the rendering across all platforms and between their openness to discuss its specs, their marketing having fun with their monetization programs, and their willingness to talk about what players can expect from its content, it’s great seeing Flying Wild Hog pioneer how to better launch a game from a consumer perspective.

Bad West will be available on November 22nd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Xbox Dynasty (via PureXbox)

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