EU petrol car ban ‘gift to China’

Populist firebrand Matteo Salvini said an EU decision to ban petrol and diesel cars was a “gift to China”.

Matteo Salvini, who is now Italy’s deputy prime minister as well as infrastructure and mobility minister, described an EU plan to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035 as a “gift to China”.

Agreed last week, the plan represents a small part of the EU’s Green Agenda push, which in part has resulted in a massive energy crisis, as well as major farmer protests in the Netherlands.

According to a Reuters report, the new agreement will make it impossible to sell internal combustion engine cars within the European Union from 2035, a move that Salvini says it will greatly jeopardize native European industry for the benefit of less green foreign powers.

“[F]actors and shops closed in Italy and Europe, workers and artisans without work and wages and dependent on China for life,” he wrote on social media, describing the ban as both a “mistake” and a “gift to China”. .

The vice-president went on to vow that his Lega party would fight the legislation at European level, with the politician saying they would “do everything to stop this madness”.

Salvini is not the only politician to criticize the move to ban combustion engine cars, with others having condemned the green agenda move for the damage it will do to the EU economy.

One of these people, Alternative für Deutschland MEP Dr. Sylvia Limmer, attacked the move as potentially further deindustrializing Europe, arguing that the main motivation behind the push was to allow Brussels bigwigs to look good to their green fanatic peers abroad. .

“[The agreement] banning modern combustion technology from 2035 will not only seriously damage the German car industry and Germany as a location and destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, it will also lead to the removal of the car industry across the EU [because] the ‘rest of the world’ is not affected by this green virus,” the EU lawmaker said in a statement seen by Breitbart Europe.

“Now Frans Timmermans can play Santa Claus at COP27 in Egypt in November and get ‘results’ on climate policy – the declared goal of the socialist undertakers of our economy,” Limmer continued, arguing that “the rest of the world” should be happy” that the bloc is effectively giving up its stake in the manufacture of internal combustion engine cars.

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