England fans to be paid to watch World Cup as ‘spies’

A group of 40 England fans are being paid to be ‘spies’ during the World Cup in Qatar.

With the tournament kicking off in less than three weeks, preparations for one of the world’s biggest sporting events are well underway.

However, sources have confirmed that some fans from our country and other countries have been tasked with promoting positive messages about attending the World Cup and helping to keep the experience above board, in line with the many rules set for fans. heading to Qatar. .

The crazy part is that everyone will get free travel and accommodation as well as expenses to take on this weird project.

According The timesa group of 40 England fans are being paid by Qatar to watch the World Cup, with instructions to convey positive messages about the experience, sing certain songs when asked and report critical posts on social media.

Sources have confirmed that this group will receive free flights and apartment accommodation, £60 a day spending money loaded onto a Visa card and free tickets after signing a “code of conduct”.

Essentially, everyone gets paid as long as they can follow the instructions given to them.

An example of their duties is that they have all been given tickets to the opening ceremony and told to sing at appropriate times for the television cameras.

A document was released to fan group leaders instructing them on their behavior during the ceremony: “In the celebration of fans around the world, for five minutes, the voices of fans from every nation will be heard and you will you are expected to stand up, sing the song/chant, wave your flags and represent your country.”

Written in bold it’s claimed to be ‘Be ready in your shirt, flags and scarves to cheer and shout’ – if that sounds unconventional, then why is it.

The whole idea has been rejected and not endorsed by the FA or many other international governing bodies.

The World Cup in Qatar kicks off on November 20 (Image: Alamy)
The World Cup in Qatar kicks off on November 20 (Image: Alamy)

Reaction from fans around the world has been extremely negative to the plan – Ronan Evain, the chief executive of Football Supporters Europe, claimed: “At best they are volunteers for the World Cup and at worst they are a mouthpiece for the top committee. “

A France fan had told French newspaper Le Parisien that “Despite the appetizing side of the dish, I preferred to stay true to my values.”

The disclosure of this information is certainly unusual, as followers are instructed to act a certain way, to appease those in power, all for a free ride.

There is definitely a debate to be had around this, with the whole idea being in a morally gray area for sure.

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