Elden Ring player’s first PvP match ends in glory after the ambush

One Elden Ring The player found himself blessed with rookie luck during his first foray, surviving an ambush that would normally have guaranteed death. Elden Ring PvP has seen something of a renaissance recently, with FromSoftware releasing two back-to-back updates that introduced the most significant change to the core multiplayer elements since launch.

There are a few locations inside Elden Ring that have been adopted by the PvP community to host confrontations, duels, and simply slaughter each other, with sentiments of respect sprinkled on top. Often in or near Legacy Dungeons, such as next to the elevator in Raya Lucaria Academy, these areas became PvP hubs due, in part, to Elden Ringits colossal size. Just how vast the Lands Between is means that finding opportunities to raid or summon could be limited, and some concentrated areas were better for PvP not stagnating.


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In a video uploaded to Reddit by u/nmpineda60, the intruder is seen running towards an infamous elevator located in Volcano Manor. The elevator goes up as the intruder closes in, the host and his call continue with him, so the intruder waits patiently for the other elevator to descend. A few seconds pass as the intruder follows the host, only to be greeted by both ambushed enemies as the elevator levels out with the platform above.

Seemingly unconcerned, the attacker perfectly timed a jump to avoid using Dark Finger’s Dark Moon Greatsword skill, which also causes the host to lose their Bloody Slash. With the dual greatswords, the constant flurry of attacks is too much for the failed ambushes to handle, both of which are scrutinized with just three swings. A well-timed Fire Spur Me Emote is then performed by the attacker to celebrate the lucky win. Commentaries were convinced that the attacker’s prey would either be hilariously on the other returning elevator, or ready to obliterate their pursuer.

Elden Ring PvP players have loved the use of gravity magic found throughout the Lands Between, with Radahn’s Starscourge Greatsword a notable weapon capable of dragging enemies off ledges. If the host or their ally were equipped with this colossal sword, then the invader probably wouldn’t be so lucky. Gravity magic, as well as the majority of skills, spells, and enchantments have recently been improved with Elden Ringthe latest update, making it the perfect time to come back and enjoy taking enemies off the edge.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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