Elden Ring board game completely smashes its Kickstarter goals

Elden Ring the Board Game is doing extremely well on its Kickstarter campaign. It has received over 10 times its original goal.

Elden Ring board game completely smashes its Kickstarter goals

  • Kind: Tabletop RPG
  • Developed by: Steamforged Games
  • Published by: Steamforged Games
  • Release date: May 2024 (Estimated)
  • Price: $89 to $429
  • Platforms: Desktop

The Elden Ring has become synonymous with success this year. In addition to critical acclaim, Soulslike has appeared in numerous game award nominations, including 4 Golden Joystick Awards. Now, Elden Ring has a full 40 to 90 hour long board game campaign in the works thanks to our friends at Steamforged Games.

Elden Ring All-In Pledge Board Game

Elden Ring All-In Pledge Board Game

Their project sought funding through Kickstarter just recently, with a very modest goal of just $181,635. As of this writing, the project has received pledges totaling $2,032,945 and still has 8 days to go.

The Elden Ring Board Game

The Lands Between and the lowly Tarnished gets physical representation thanks to Steamforged Games, Ltd. which is certainly no stranger to turning video games into tabletop experiences.

The Elden Ring board game will have random hex exploration

The Elden Ring board game will have random hex exploration

Just like the main game, you start in Limgrave in the Elden Ring board game. But now instead of having a fixed, expansive world at your fingertips, you now have a randomized hexagonal grid of opportunities. The Tarnished will begin with a simple revelation. Once they, and up to three other Tarnished, start coming out, the land will open up and more tiles can be added to the game board.

Each tile is random, just like other board games. However, the experience is still somewhat fixed in the sense that you’ll only be able to encounter Limgrave events and NPCs in Limgrave, for example. You’ll also often come across Stakes of Marika that give extra lives, or even Sites of Grace that restore your health but regenerate all dangerous enemies.

Get tons of tokens, cards and miniatures

Get tons of tokens, cards and miniatures

Just as Guidance of Grace points Tarnished in the right direction in the video game, it serves a similar purpose in the tabletop game. New to the board game is the “Card Vault” which contains random events that will be triggered based on certain criteria.

Tabletop battle

Of course, exploration and discovery is only half the point of Elden Ring. The other half, arguably the best part of the game, is its combat. Who can forget his painful encounters with great enemies like Margit, Godrick or Rennala? Steamforged games can’t replicate the real-time action from the video game, but they do their best to make that replay as thrilling as possible.

The Tarnished's Quest Books for Combat

The Tarnished’s Quest Books for Combat

Battles will take place in an individual player’s “Quest Book”. This is so that one player’s struggle does not disrupt the exploration of others, although the Tarnished are welcome to extend their aid to those in need. Depending on the type of encounter, be it simple boars, giant crabs, or even massive enemies like the Fire Giant, the game will instruct players to turn to a specific page in the book. There, they will be greeted by a grid-based area in which the match will take place.

Bigger enemies need a bigger board

Bigger enemies need a bigger board

Larger boss encounters will have players combine their Quest Books and then take on massive enemies in a larger area.

Swinging the sword around

The battle of the Elden Ring board game will take place without the use of traditional dice. Instead, randomness, attacks, and everything else will be done purely through decks. Player and creature initiative will be determined by initiative cards. Even player attacks will be determined by cards and things like the new and unique Battle Stance System will change.

Elden Ring Board Game Action Battle Cards

Elden Ring Board Game Action Battle Cards

The board game adds a stance system that can put players in an offensive, neutral, or defensive stance. Each of these have their own perks and pitfalls, such as the attacker having more attack draws, effectively giving you more options to attack. Neutral Stances can help manipulate the initiative turn so that your Tarnished can act before or after your enemies. Finally, defensive stances help regain stamina in order to unleash heavier attacks.

The various versions of the Elden Ring board game

The Elden Ring board game has three main versions for sale. Specifically, they are the following:

Input binding

  • 20 hour playable campaign
  • Extension of the Weeping Peninsula
  • 20 miniatures
  • 500+ cards
  • 45 Modular Hex tiles to explore
  • 100+ tokens
  • 4 Search books and tarnished control panels
  • Hero, prophet, astrologer and bandit miniatures and cards.
  • Cost: $89

Basic promise

All-In Pledge

All Around the Elden Ring

The Elden Ring board game Kickstarter campaign can be supported for 8 more days as of writing. It is estimated to be delivered by May 2024.

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