Egyptian ‘god of fun’ ring discovered in ancient burial

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered stunning gold jewelry, including a ring depicting the “god of fun,” in a burial more than 3,300 years old, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced.

The burial is located in the northern part of the ancient city of Akhetaten (present-day Amarna), about 186 miles (300 km) south of Cairo. This city was built by the pharaoh Akhenaten (reigned about 1353 BC to 1336 BC), who tried to change the polytheistic religion of Egypt by centering it around the worship of Aten, the sun disc . He moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to modern day Luxor to the newly built desert city of Akhetaten. Ultimately Akhenaten’s religious reforms were undone by his son, Tutankhamunand the new city was abandoned shortly after Akhenaten’s death.

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