Dr. Oz campaigns in venues that don’t allow same-sex marriage

Mehmet Oz, the Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, took his campaign this week to a venue in Elizabethtown that does not allow same-sex marriage.

Dr. Oz has said he supports the right of same-sex couples to marry and, if elected, would support legislation that ensures that right is preserved regardless of what happens at the US Supreme Court.

But that didn’t stop him from showing up at Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown, a Lancaster County wedding venue that says on its website that it “provides[s] marriage-related services as defined by God’s Word, the Holy Bible, consistent with the written truth that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.”

The Washington Post originally reported for Mr. Oz’s appearance on the site. The story was quickly picked up by the campaign of Dr. Oz’s Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, who tweeted a link to a story about the gathering.

“In 2013, I was actually the first elected official in the West Palestinian Authority to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies,” Fetterman tweeted. “I knew I was on the right side of history – even then. And unlike Dr. Oz, I’m still proudly on the right side of history now.”

Dr. Oz tweeted in September that he “believes[s] that same-sex couples should have the same freedom to marry as straight couples,” but throughout his career in television and politics he has taken positions that contradict that stance.

Mr Oz produced an episode of his TV show about conversion therapy in 2012, then reportedly scrubbed it from the show’s website during the campaign.

“Dr. Oz hosts a discussion on restorative therapy,” the episode description reads. “Find out what it is and what the experts have to say. Dr. Oz then investigates what happens during restorative treatment. Watch and see what happens at a reparative treatment retreat.”

That same year, Dr. Oz wrote in a blog post that “the debate continues” about the merits of a proposed conversion therapy law in California. Conversion therapy is widely regarded by medical professionals as a pseudoscientific practice that causes enormous psychological harm to LGBT+ people.

Mr. Fetterman and Dr. Oz are hotly contested in one of the most expensive and closely watched Senate races in the country this year.

Mr. Fetterman led in the polls all summer, relentlessly attacking Dr. Oz as an unknown doormat, but Dr. Oz has closed the gap in the polls in recent weeks. The election forecaster FiveThirtyEight currently gives Mr. Fetterman a better chance of winning the race, which he rates as a “dead end.”

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