Dota 2 Cave Johnson Portal voice pack revealed

Dota 2 is getting a new announcer voice pack, this time featuring Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson from the Portal series.

Dota 2 gets a brand new mega kills announcer voice pack, this time with cave johnson of Gate reputation. The reveal was made in a new teaser that advertises the release while also poking fun at Valve itself.

Back in 2018, Dota 2 received a Gabe Newell announcer pack, in which Valve’s President delivers announcements in his usual dry tones. It’s a stark contrast to the frenetic action on screen, but that’s part of what made fans love it so much.


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Several years have passed since then, and according to the teaser video, the game developer decided it was time for a new mega kills announcer voice pack for Dota 2. This time, though, they’re bringing in JK Simmons to provide the voice. While the actor is probably best known for his performances on the silver screen, he also provides the voice of Cave Johnson, founder of Aperture Science from Gate series. While the trailer doesn’t include any of the lines he’ll actually utter in the game, the actor does make a brief voice cameo at the end of the video.

Gate it’s classic Valve at this point, with Cave Johnson adding a lot of humor to the franchise’s second iteration. As players explore the forgotten parts of Aperture Science, his voice is occasionally heard, explaining tests and talking to employees. More recently he also reprized the role for Aperture Desk Job, which is essentially a simplistic game that introduces users to the controls and features of the Steam Deck. However, it also reveals some unexpected secrets about Aperture Science itself and the ultimate fate of Cave Johnson himself.

Fans don’t have long to wait, like Cave Johnson Dota 2 The announcer pack will arrive alongside Battle Pass: Part 2 on November 3rd. While Dota 2 players with love for Gate are looking forward to the voice pack, some are curious about the release and its possible ties to recent rumors about Valve. The latest of these is that Valve may be working on one Dota 2 spin-off called Neon Prime, while Half life Fans are wondering what the supposed Citadel project is. The return of JK Simmons could mean that Cave Johnson could show up in the future Gate game, but Valve is keeping its plans tightly under wraps. Until the company makes an official announcement, fans will have to keep wondering. Currently, Dota 2 Fans will at least be able to enjoy the satanic yet charming lines coming from Cave Johnson himself.

Dota 2 is now available on PC.

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