Destiny 2 YouTuber solos a Master Nightfall with no movement keys

Destiny 2 YouTuber solos a Master Nightfall with no movement keys

Destiny 2 YouTuber Esoterickk performed a Master Nightfall on his own without using movement keys, choosing to disable WASD keys and complete the seemingly impossible feat using the power of Titan Arc Striker, his Thundercrash Super ability, class ability Thruster and the swords.

“Kind of weird, but basically the rules I had set for this were that I had to disable WASD and clear Nightfall Solo. Obviously Arc and Lightning Crystals make it a lot easier than it would be otherwise, and also being a Nightfall Master instead of a Grandmaster. Otherwise, I felt like it would be too tedious and long to do, so at least this way it’s still kind of fun,” explains Esoterickk in the description of the video he posted of the feat. This means that he believes he could complete the difficult task on Grandmaster difficulty if he had tried.

“I still only allowed jump, sparrow to be used through the boost control, and otherwise the rest of the movement was from Swords, Thruster or Super. It’s not really that hard at the end of the day, just something different to do I guess,” the description reads.

However, despite Esoterickk’s modesty, many players find the task of completing a Master Nightfall daunting even as part of a full fireteam. Master Nightfalls are relatively challenging PvE activities in Destiny 2, and soloing any Master Nightfall even with full use of all buttons on the keyboard would be impressive for most players. In addition, Bungie includes several Nightfall modifiers designed to make the task even more difficult. For this Nightfall, modifiers included increased melee damage, increased Arc and Stasis damage, reduced ammo drops, powerful enemies including Barrier and Unstoppable Champions that require specific weapon modes to defeat, and locked gear , meaning Esoterickk couldn’t change loadout if something didn’t work according to plan. However, the modifiers also caused the Stasis and Arc abilities to recharge faster than usual, which helped improve the speeds at which Esoterickk could utilize Titan Striker’s fast-moving abilities.

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Esoterickk makes it look easy, taking the Master Nightfall to 1608 Power Level, which is barely higher than the recommended Power Level of 1600. The Nightfall he attempts is The Disgraced, which, while known as a relatively easy Nightfall, still has many encounters that require fighters to face hordes of enemies, players must usually dodge using movement keys or a controller’s stick.

Here, it relied solely on mouse movements to control its direction, meaning it could only travel in the direction of the camera’s position. Esoterickk made heavy use of Thruster, a Titan Arc subclass ability that allows players to dodge laterally while grounded. His Arc Titan Super ability, Thundercrash, allowed him to run through the air. Destiny 2 swords also allow players to fly, with the Eager Edge perk increasing walk distance immediately after switching to the weapon.

The build also leverages Heart of Inmost Light. When worn, the Titan Exotic Chest Armor causes any ability (Grenade, Melee, or Barricade) to buff others when used, meaning those abilities regenerate faster and deal more damage, or, in the case of the Barricade, cause more damage. .

Due to the increased regeneration speed of the bow and the solid overall build, Esoterickk was able to overcome much of the challenge by exercising patience and throwing grenades.

While Esoterickk’s videos usually feature Destiny 2 content, the YouTuber’s channel also includes a 17-hour compilation of him defeating 383 bosses from Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and the Elden Ring without to suffer any damage.

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While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to complete your solo Master Nightfall without movement keys, we can still offer build tips for running Nightfalls and other PvE and PvP content with our guides covering the best Destiny 2 Hunter builds, the best Destiny 2 Titan builds and best Destiny 2 Warlock builds. These guides will help you customize a build to grind the most challenging content in the game, including the King’s Fall raid and content related to the Festival of the Lost event, which is currently taking place.

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