Destiny 2 Season 19 will boost some abilities and tease some super hunters

This year saw some big changes to Destiny 2’s various subclasses, with these distinct power sets building on ideas introduced with Stasis in 2020’s Beyond Light expansion. The Void was the first subclass to receive a 3.0 overhaul, and with the release of The Witch Queen expansion this year, Solar also received a major upgrade. Season of Plunder introduced Arc 3.0 to Destiny 2 players, and now that the original three subclasses have been reworked, more settings are on the way.

Bungie details these changes in its weekly blog post, revealing some of the changes lined up for the ability sandbox in Season 19. Similar to the mid-season weapon tuning patch, these changes will be more detailed in nature. ahead of bigger changes planned for Destiny 2 after the Lightfall expansion launches in February 2023. “For Season 19, our primary goal is to further normalize the power of our existing subclasses, giving us a more standard baseline that we can use for future tuning,” Bungie explained.

Here’s a look at what you can expect next month when these changes take place.


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Healing is changed to be slightly less effective in PvE and PvP, as this healing ability seems to be very strong in the current metagame. For Warlocks, Restoration will no longer stack with Healing Rift and their numbers will be reduced by around 10-20% across all activities.

Bungie says it’s mostly happy with the Radiant buff effect, but will change it to have a more substantial buff through the use of the two Ember shards, Torches and Solace. Ember of Torches will apply Radiant for 8 seconds instead of 10 on top of a -10 Discipline penalty, and Ember of Solace provides a 50% bonus to Radiant duration instead of a flat 5 seconds.

The Knock ‘Em Down aspect is tweaked to work more cleanly on the two Golden Gun variants of Hunter’s Super. Deadshot will gain 15% damage resistance, but will lose the bonus duration, and Marksman will no longer provide bonus damage resistance while Knock ‘Em Down is equipped.

Blade Barrage’s bonus number of knives is reduced from 5 to 3 per wave, releasing a total of 20 knives instead of 24. For Celestial Fire melee, expect slightly increased damage at close range. Players using Celestial Fire and the auto-melee option are no longer disadvantaged in close-quarters combat, according to Bungie.


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The big changes coming to Void include a focus on survivability overall. An issue where overlay only provided 25% PvE-only damage resistance to overlay, instead of the intended 50%, will be addressed, and Warlock Voidwalkers can expect the Vortex Nova Bomb to have a bit more power. Bungie will increase projectile speed by 21%, increase the inward pull radius on impact by 17%, and add a further boost to the inward pull force on impact by 20%.

Sentinel Titans will get a Shield Bash that’s more consistent and reliable when taking down nimble enemies in PvP, and Hunters running a Shadowshot version will use this Super differently in Season 19. Bungie’s tweaks include pushing the Moebius Quiver more away from Deadfall’s role as a long-duration debuff, reducing Tether life while increasing Deadfall Shadowshot’s Tether life.

As for the invisibility-based Hunter Nightstalkers, more bad news. Changes are coming, and while Bungie has nothing to announce yet, expect invisible players to be less frustrating to deal with in PvP.


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The latest subclass overhaul, Arc 3.0’s biggest changes in Season 19 will focus on Touch of Thunder Storm Grenades. “Our intention with this View was to lean heavily on Striker as the Titan’s grenade-centric class, echoing Earthshaker’s Codex role, and Storm Grenade to be used to force players to move when a storm grenade was approaching “, Bungie explained.

To modify this, Storm Grenade’s improved roam duration will be reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds alongside the benefit it receives from Spark of Magnitude. For Titans, Ballistic Slam damage against PvE fighters is increased by 16%, and Hunters can expect Tempest Strike damage against PvE fighters to be reduced by 30%.

For Warlock Stormcallers, a number of targeted changes to these subclass abilities will increase their power. Arc Souls will do almost double base damage in PvE, Ball Lightning will travel much farther, and Chain Lightning will do 50% increased damage in PvE. For Chaos Reach Super, its damage will remain the same, but it will have a greatly reduced base cooldown.


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Bungie has no intention of returning Stasis to its original Beyond Light launch power, but will tweak some elements of this sub to make it a strong option on par with Void, Solar, and Arc. Stasis Slow effects will have an increased movement speed penalty of 10%, Coldsnap grenades will be better at tracking enemies, and Duskfield grenades will apply slightly more slow stacks to enemy Guardians.

A big change will see the one-slot Stasis aspects on all Revenant Hunter and Behemoth Titans overhauled, with those aspects having two shard slots. For Revenant Hunters, this will be Winter’s Shroud, and Behemoth Titans get an improved Cryoclasm piece.

Warlock Shadebinders will have a 33% reduction in Glacial Harvest’s cooldown, making it a more viable option in line with Iceflare Bolts, Bleak Watcher, and Frostpulse. Another big change targets the Whisper of Rending shard, which will provide bonus damage to Stasis Crystals and frozen targets for all Primary ammo.

As Bungie noted, these are all small changes, and bigger changes to all four of these subclasses will come after Strand launches next year.

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