Delivery style service for petite women

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  • Short Story is a subscription service that helps women find petite clothing.
  • Stylists use a questionnaire to personalize your box and continue to learn your style over time.
  • After trying the service for myself, I can’t stop recommending it to my friends.

You will be charged a $25 styling fee per box and the 5-6 outfits included in your box start at $32.

Buying clothes that fit exactly on the first try is a tall order when you’re petite. Unless I’m shopping the junior section, tops, jackets, pants, and especially plain clothes like dresses and jumpsuits, almost always require some form of tailoring or ramping.

I realize the obvious answer is to shop the petite section, but many times that stock is limited, so I’m left looking for an alternative. When I came across Short Story, a personal styling service created by petite women, for petite women, I knew I had to give it a try.

What is a Short Story and how much does it cost?

Box from Short Story with a personalized card to Julia on top

My stylist curated box came with a personalized note detailing how the process works.

Julia Guerra

Short Story was founded by Isabella Sun in 2019 with the goal of putting an end to the inevitable “ugh” that occurs when petite sizes shop for clothes. The service currently caters to women 5’4″ and under, with sizes ranging from 00P-18P. Short Story has its own exclusive clothing lines, but also works with brands such as Vince Camuto, Vero Moda and Liverpool , including.

Subscribers can receive stylist-curated boxes every few weeks, monthly, every few months, etc., depending on their preference, and the total cost of each box varies based on budget. You will be charged a $25 styling fee per box and the 5-6 outfits included in your box start at $32.

How does it work

clothes wrapped in paper in a box with a sticker that says

Each garment was individually wrapped so I knew exactly how to style each garment.

Julia Guerra

One of the best parts of Short Story’s service is how easy the process is from start to finish. First, you’ll take the style quiz. Questions range from what items you have the most trouble buying, to how you feel about certain styles, your sizes, and budget preferences.

After completing the questionnaire, you fill in the shipping and payment information. When your order is processed, a stylist will use your response to personalize your box.

You have five days from the time you receive your box to try everything on and decide what you love and don’t like. Shipping is free, as are returns and exchanges.

My overall impression

Julia Guerra wearing a green jumpsuit

This jumpsuit was army green with a wrap waist that I tied in a bow at my hip.

Julia Guerra

I was impressed with Short Story from the start. I found the service questionnaire thorough and thoughtful and I received my box within two weeks of ordering.

Julia Guerra wearing a black and white dress

This black and white floral print maxi skirt features spaghetti straps that tie in bows on my shoulders.

Julia Guerra

Inside my box were six items: A leather jacket, a maxi dress, a jumpsuit, black jeans, a button-down shirt, and a gold chain necklace with a clip.

Julia Guerra is wearing a pink top and black pants

The light lilac top and dark jeans are wardrobe staples that I can pair with many other items in my closet.

Julia Guerra

The stylist assigned to my box did a great job selecting pieces that filled a gap in my wardrobe. I usually have a hard time finding dresses, jumpsuits, and pants that fit me well and compliment my petite shape and frame, but every item I received fit like a glove.

It may take a while for Short Story to learn your style

Julia Guerra wears a leather jacket

This black leather jacket fits slightly oversized with silver hardware.

Julia Guerra

While all the pieces included in the box fit me nicely, there were one or two items that didn’t quite fit my personal style. That being said, this was my first time working with Short Story. It’s very likely that over time, Short Story’s stylists will get a better understanding of what kind of clothes you love and don’t love based on what you keep versus what you return.

The bottom line

I would (and already have) recommended Short Story to any petite woman who is tired of digging through countless clothes only to walk out empty-handed or schedule an appointment with her tailor. The clothes are high quality and comfortable, and the stylists behind the site are experts in the space curating a selection of items that will not only I want to wear but that you love to wear.

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