Dance Windmill Masters Fan Bayonetta

A Bayonetta fan shares an impressive video of their take on the eponymous hero’s signature moves, performing a perfect Windmill dance at the gym.

A Bayonet fan found an impressive yet physically grueling way to pay tribute to the series by sharing a video of himself trying to dominate BayonetThe deadly dance of the Windmills. As fans get ready to dive into the Nintendo Switch exclusive Bayonet 3this video provides a great example of the lengths some gamers will go to show some love for their favorite games.

Bayonet is a stylized action-adventure game from developer PlatinumGames that premiered in 2009 with Bayonet on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While Bayonet won praise from many fans and critics for its fast-paced action and unique setting, drawing inspiration from sources ranging from devil may cry games to Dante Divine Comedy, failed to achieve the commercial success PlatinumGames had hoped for. Despite lower-than-expected sales, the franchise proved popular enough to receive a sequel in 2014’s Wii U exclusive Bayonet 2. Nintendo has remained the franchise’s exclusive home ever since, with executive producer Hideki Kamiya recently stating that Bayonet 3 it wouldn’t have happened without Nintendo’s support.


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In a video posted on TikTok, user thehighrunner shared a video of his attempt to capture the Windmill Dance, one of the BayonetHis signature moves from the series. The description for the video states that the highrunners had 30 minutes to try the move after learning it, and while the clip shows some rough starts at first, they manage to master the complicated routine in no time. By the time the short clip ends, viewers can see the high runner pull off the Windmill Dance with finesse, even while holding a pistol in each hand like Bayonetta herself.

Responses to the dizzying dance move have been overwhelmingly positive, with some Bayonet Fans joke that the next step should be learning to do the stiletto heel routine like the heroine herself. While doing stunts in high heels can actually turn out pretty cool, thehighrunner responded in a comment stating that he’d love to try the Windmill dance in one of the Bayonethis elegant suits at some point. For fans of the franchise, watching one of BayonetHis iconic moves in full costume could be a real treat.

With its fast-paced gameplay, cutting-edge storylines and bombastic characters, Bayonet has managed to create a unique niche for itself in a gaming industry that can seem homogenous at times. Although Bayonet 3The game’s recent release has been surrounded by some controversy, with fan complaints ranging from unhappiness over the game’s voice changes to an apparent move away from strong female and LGBTQIA+ representation in Bayonet There are still few characters that can create gaming magic like PlatinumGames’ shape-shifting, weapon-wielding witch.

Bayonet 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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