CSGO Weapon Skin Sold For Over $400,000

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan has an extremely rare weapon skin for sale online for an absolutely outrageous price.

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive The gamer could be in for a potentially hefty payday after putting a rare weapon skin up for sale, stating it will “entertain bids in excess of $400,000.” Trading rare and unique weapons for Valve’s online military shooter has proven to be a profitable business for some players, as evidenced by recent news of Twitch streamer Buster trading a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leather for a car.

Released in 2012 for PC and consoles, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest entry in the legendary Valve Counterattack privilege. Continuing the Terrorist vs Counter-Terrorist game series, CS: GO allows players to battle online in a variety of different multiplayer modes to climb the ranks and unlock new weapon skins. Added unlocking of weapon skins via loot box mechanic CS: GO shortly after release, and led to the rise of a thriving economy based on trading and selling skins. Complying with local laws, Valve disabled this mechanic in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2018 after the Belgian government banned loot boxes.


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In a post on Twitter, user Luksusbums announced that he was selling his “661 ST MW 4xTT holo” AK-47 skin with a starting price of $400k, a significant amount even CS: GO skin patterns. Luksusbums is one of the co-founders of Skinbid.com, which provides a marketplace for sales CS: GO weapon skins, and stated that he was selling the rare skin after replacing it with a Wild Lotus 4xR holo skin. Due to the unusually high price of the leather, Luksusbums initially had trouble even listing it for sale on the leather trading site Buff.163.com, as the site did not support such high prices.

While Luksusbums’ weapon skin is undoubtedly rare, with each of the 4 Titan Holo stickers placed on the weapon selling for around $60,000 individually, the replies to the tweet listing its sale were mostly filled with a mixture of confusion and riot at the heavy price. To users unfamiliar with the game, the idea of ​​paying so much for an in-game item seemed unimaginable, and even CS: GO Players stated that the price was too high for what they claimed was an “overrated” skin. Many responses took the opportunity to decry in-game gambling mechanics in general, showing that not everyone agrees with claims by companies like EA that players love loot boxes.

The price for this weapon skin may seem astronomical to many players, but a quick look at Luksusbums’ Skinbid.com website shows that some players have no problem finding real cash for digital items. Luksusbums’ unique skin may never reach the $400,000 it’s asking for, but this story highlights how gaming can become big business in some unexpected ways. For fans who just want to enjoy some Counterattack action without worrying about loot boxes, however, Counterattack for Nintendo DS they may be faster.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available for Mac and PC.

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