China claims zero coronavirus deaths as hearses line up at crematoria

Even as Chinese citizens mourn their loved ones and hearses pile up outside overworked crematoriums, China’s Communist government claimed there have been absolutely zero deaths from the Chinese coronavirus on Tuesday.

Communist officials withdrew one of the only ones seven deaths they have admitted in the last two weeks.

Reuters on Wednesday wondered what the authoritarian regime hopes to achieve by apparently lying so outlandishly, as evidence of rising coronavirus infections and deaths is everywhere: hospitals sending out distress signals as treatment rooms fill up and staff report in sick, pharmacies running out of cold medicine , mourners crammed into funeral homes to say their final goodbyes, queues of more than 40 hearses lined up at a Beijing crematorium reportedly dedicated to coronavirus deaths.

While unable to verify the claim, Reuters quoted a funeral home worker as saying families were paying exorbitant fees for “quick arrangement of hearses” and “no queue for cremation”.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Tuesday reported that Chinese hospitals are “panic buying” ventilators and ICU equipment to handle rising cases of the coronavirus. Publicly available data showed hospitals across China scrambling to find equipment, with major concentrations of desperation in Beijing and major northern cities.

A feared former Chinese healthcare journalist who requested anonymity told RFA that part of the problem was the “top-down allocation of anti-Covid funds” that has focused on building quarantine facilities and mass testing centers, rather than equipping hospitals to provide treatment, while local governments were drained of funds for their own hospitals.

Like the funeral home RFA spoke to, the healthcare journalist said Chinese hospitals now charge special fees for faster service.

“I’m trying to get ventilators for people who are seriously ill and need them. It’s a shame that so much of our manpower, material resources, time and money was spent on lockdowns, keeping people quiet and building so many quarantine camps, which have now been scrapped,” a city health official told RFA in Chongqing.

Another source in the Chinese medical profession blamed the government for pouring so much money into giant coronavirus testing programs because well-connected businessmen made big profits selling all that testing equipment.

“Someone has to take responsibility for this. I guess they’ll arrest a bunch of people. The way things are in China, the leaders cannot admit they were wrong,” the doctor sighed.

And yet, according to the Chinese government, a total of six people have died since “zero Covid” lockdown policies were relaxed about two weeks ago, and all were in Beijing.

of Canada National Post noted a wave of “disbelief” and “ridicule” sweeping Chinese social media as the government made its outlandish claims.

“How come people only die in Beijing? What about the rest of the country?’ one commenter reasonably asked.

Others were outraged that the government decided to ignore the deaths of their loved ones for political reasons, especially after publishing a flood of propaganda to assure the public that the draconian lockdowns were “optimized” because the Omicron strain of the Chinese coronavirus was less dangerous, not because mass nationwide protests forced the regime to retreat.

The National Post he called a funeral home in Beijing and was told that “all eight incinerators are running 24 hours, the body freezers are full and there is a waiting list of 5-6 days”.

The Chinese Communist Party’s new tactic to minimize the political fallout from rising coronavirus infections and deaths is to change its methodology for counting those infected and assigning causes of death.

Last week, the communist regime he said would stop reporting on asymptomatic coronavirus infections – which would include the vast majority – because these incredibly expensive and profitable mass testing programs were halted as part of the December “optimization” of protocols.

the state of China Global Times on Tuesday, top epidemiologist Wang Guiqiang said, explaining that the regime is suddenly very interested in making a distinction between people who are reportedly dying. with Chinese coronavirus, instead of dying from the.

In other words, Wang passed off these overcrowded crematoriums as simply being filled with a remarkable number of people who coincidentally chose to die of cardiovascular or heart disease at this time and may have coincidentally carried the Wuhan coronavirus in their blood at the time of their death. their loss.

Wang claimed that “only a few elderly people have actually died directly from respiratory failure caused by [Chinese coronavirus] infection’ to explain why the National Health Commission (NHC) had reported only seven coronavirus deaths until Tuesday and then retracted one of them.

“Communities should monitor the condition of elderly residents who have underlying illnesses,” health officials said. Global Times, which sounds like an invitation to find reasons other than the Chinese coronavirus to explain why so much from China notoriously undervaccinated old people die suddenly.

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