Blizzard promises compensation to Diablo Immortal after controversy

A spokesperson for Activision Blizzard said it is considering compensation for Diablo Immortal following an outcry surrounding a recent update to the fantasy game. The arrival of Diablo Immortal patch 1.6.2 introduced a number of changes to Blizzard’s RPG game, but one of the most controversial was a change in the description of one of Diablo Immortal’s legendary gems sold in its in-game store.

The Diablo Immortal Blessing of the Worthy gem update clarified that its effect provided bonus damage based on a character’s current life, not their total life as the description previously stated. This can obviously be a pretty dramatic difference – especially for characters like Barbarians who have large health totals but use skills like Undying Rage to keep fighting while they have 1 HP left.

This issue is exacerbated because the gem is sold in multiple packs in Diablo Immortal’s in-game store, allowing players to spend real money – upwards of $100 USD if you choose to buy all the packs on offer – to level up the gem. As a result, players who had purchased the gem asked Blizzard to refund their purchases, or at least provide an equivalent value of Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs, to compensate for this item they felt was sold to them under false pretenses .

Diablo Immortal community manager SinfulScribe has now provided an update on the matter, saying that Blizzard is “looking into issues regarding the accuracy of the descriptions of certain legendary gems.” They stress that the team understands “how central the effects of these gems are to builds and player progression” and that they are “digging into the impact these issues have caused so we can compensate affected players.”

As for what that compensation will be and when it’s likely to arrive, SinfulScribe explains that the investigation “will take some time and data,” but says that “once we have more details on how we’re going to move forward, I’ll share that with you.” Players in the comments express their thanks for the news, but note that it took a long time to both address the issue and comment on the possibility of compensation after the update.

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