Amouranth was not offered a Twitch contract because she is not brand friendly

Twitch’s top female streamer has an idea why she hasn’t been offered a contract yet.

Amouranth is not under contract with either her or her biggest competitor, YouTube, despite being the top female streamer and the only woman in the top 100 most viewed. In a recent interview with FullSquadGaming, she said she believes the reason is that she’s “not brand friendly.”

As reported by Dexero, Amouranth also felt it was because she didn’t have much experience hosting large events, which YouTube seems to prefer in their streamers, and that she “has only dealt with Streamer Royale earlier this year.”

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Despite being the most-viewed woman on the platform, she said “I’m not there yet, I think, for what they’re looking for.” Amouranth has been at the center of some controversies on Twitch, such as the hot tub meta and the fart meta, even selling jars of her own farts – all of which funny brands and advertisers balk at. But no gambling, that’s okay.

Amouranth did reveal that while Twitch and YouTube haven’t hit it off, she has been offered “multi-million dollar” contracts for adult streaming platforms. He recently announced that he was cleaning house at the OnlyFans agency, so he’ll probably be staying there for now.

In October, Amouranth shared abusive voicemails from her husband on a live stream to shed light on her domestic situation. He apparently controlled her businesses and finances and forced her to keep their relationship a secret for the sake of her brand, but she has since taken control of everything and said she “feels human again.”

In other Twitch news, top-paid streamers xQc and Kai Cenat admitted they don’t pay their moderators because they “watch out of passion.” xQc said, “It’s not about doing it for free, I just don’t want it to get weird,” with Kai Cenat adding, “You’re all volunteering to do shit for free.”

Pokimane also shared a story of how she was almost tricked into sending nude photos to someone posing as an employee of an underwear brand via email. He encourages influencers to keep their wits about them so they don’t fall for such tricks.

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